Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sketching and marvelling at Nature's gifts

I am grateful for the respite and holiday in Sydney last November. It seemed to have a positive effect on my creative output. I had filled up all the pages of an entire sketch book in simply eight days in Sydney when it has taken me years to complete a sketch book in Singapore.

I thank Nature for the wonderful gifts that it has bestowed on us. Its gifts were the inspirations that had beckoned me to sketch. I am thankful for the skills to sketch for with it, I could use it as the good reason to sit down and marvel at Nature's beauty. It was therapeutic to sketch.

Here's a compilation of some of my favourite sketches that I have done in Sydney, and I dedicated them to my friend, RL, and all of you!

This was taken at Watsons Bay.

This sketch reminded me of the peaceful feeling that I get when I visited Watsons Bay.
I thank my accompanying friend for her kind patience with me when I sketched.

This tree at Watsons Bay reminded me of the gift of Life, so steady, so grounded, ever so wise.

I would not be allowed to take photograph inside the Sydney Opera House's Concert Hall.
Yet, the great thing is that there is no guideline against sketching so long as I respect other users of the hall.

This sketch reminded me to pay attention to my intuition.
It also reminded me that it is alright to be lost. 
I have proven that I could find my way back. I have happily survived!

A very quick sketch of Sydney Harbour Bridge. 
I hope the lines speak for themselves?

One of my favourite sketches of the Sydney Opera House.
It reminded me that I love the ferry-rides.

While I think the proportions could have been better, 
I like this sketch nevertheless as it looked nostalgic with Anzac Bridge in the background.

Which of these sketches do you like?

Thanks to Nature for the inspirations!


tuti said...

i like all your sketches and especially the watsons bay's.
the one with the four boats in front. perhaps it's the simplicity. that said, i do like all of them.
your sketches are getting so nice. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Thank you Tuti, I appreciate your compliments.

goldilocks said...

i like your bridge ones. rarely see you in action (sketching) and should try to some time. take some sketching classes with you.

oceanskies79 said...

Goldilocks: Thanks for visiting and for your comments.

Maybe the act of going overseas and having that time set aside has helped me be more inspired to sketch. We could come out to sketch a bit and learning from each other.

pinkie said...

I like the Sydney Opera House's... you must have captured the boat in your memory and sketch it down? Amazing!

oceanskies79 said...

Thanks Pinkie. I vaguely remember I was sketch on a pedestrain walkway that overlooks the Sydney Opera House.

Jammie J. said...

You are really, really talented. :) I love that you can take a sketch book into places where cameras aren't allowed. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Jammie: Thanks a lot for your compliments. :)

kyh said...

nice attempt! how many pens you have with you everytime you sketch? it's wise to have several with different weights and thickness. :)

oceanskies79 said...

kyh: I uses 0.2, 0.5 and 0.8 mm drawing pens. I prefer to use less pens to spare me from carrying too many.

lieska said...

I like your Sydney Harbour Bridge sketch.. I have planned a vacation to sydney.. I want to try to sketch there. hopefully I can do it.. paper and pen kind of what you wear?

oceanskies79 said...

Hi lieska, thanks for your compliments.

I use a normal drawing pen (try using archival quality pen as they tend to be waterproof and the ink doesn't fade). I use a normal sketching pad. However, if you have the budget, go for acid-free sketching pad as these last longer.