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21 Nov 2010: Sydney Fish Market adventures

21 Nov 2010, Sun:

I did what I have found quite an adventure: to find my way to a new place, and in this case, it was the Sydney Fish Market. Being armed with a map and having great navigation skills still required me to have the courage to walk new paths while taking risks to be lost and then to be found.

Heaven was kind. On my way to the Sydney Fish Market, I was a bit lost. Then, I met a kind lady and her granddaughter. They walked with me for part of my journey. Afterwhich, I embarked on my journey to the Sydney Fish Market on my own. I took a wrong turn and when I realised I was lost again, a kind gentleman gave me clear directions that put me back on the right track to the Sydney Fish Market. As I followed his directions religiously, I realised that I had been so near yet so far from the Sydney Fish Market. One wrong turn can make such a great difference. Nevertheless, thank goodness that along the journey, there are kind souls to guide us back on track. Eventually, we have to learn to walk our own paths on our own.

I felt a sense of relief and joy when I saw clear indications that I had arrived at the Sydney Fish Market. Honestly, I did not know how to appreciate fish. Yet, if there was a guided tour of the Sydney Fish Market that was designed to inspire folks like myself, who know nothing much about fish, to love fish, I would gladly go for it. As I was writing this post, I found out that there was indeed a tour about the Sydney Fish Market! This tour would get visitors a glimpse of the behind-the-scene activities at Sydney Fish Market. If I visit Sydney again, this could be one tour that I would like to embark on.

When I was at Sydney Fish Market, one of the most delightful welcoming gifts that I had received other than treats to lots of fresh food was a good view of the Anzac Bridge. Being offered a good view of Anzac Bridge was something that I had not expected. Almost instinctively, I knew I had to sketch it into my sketch book as a response. Anzac Bridge has a graceful beauty in it against the blue skies and the ships.

While I was working on the sketch, I thought it would be a good idea to buy myself a serving of chocolate milk shake from the nearby ice-cream stall. Then I found myself a seat nearby the ice-cream stall and started sketching. I did not quite capture the graceful nature of the design of Anzac Bridge, yet I hope I had captured some of its essence in my humble sketch.

After the sketch, it was time for an adventure about the Sydney Fish Market. There was plenty of fresh seafood at the Sydney Fish Market. In addition, one can find freshly cooked seafood ready to be eaten being put on sale at the Sydney Fish Market. The Fish Market had a pretty earthly and friendly ambience. I won't mind visiting it again for some deliciously fresh seafood.

It was a bit too early for lunch and I was not hungry. Yet, with so many fresh seafood offerings at the Sydney Fish Market for the tourist in yours truly, I could not resist byt get myself a serving of calamari rings at AUS$9. The calamari rings were tasty and very fresh. I had not eaten such fresh calamari rings at that price when I was in Singapore. Regretably, I had only the appetite to finish half of it. Perhaps I could have asked for just half of the portion.

I later learnt that the Sydney Fish Market is one place to find fresh and cheaper sashimi. Maybe this explained why there are so many people at the Sydney Fish Market feasting on seafood and more seafood. The seafood here is fresh and delicious indeed. This is one place to visit for seafood lovers!

People and moments that I am grateful for:
1) I am thankful to the kind lady and her granddaughter for walking with me for part of my journey to the Sydney Fish Market.
2) Thank goodness for the gentleman who offered me directions to the Sydney Fish Market so that I could get back on track to visit the Sydney Fish Market.
3) I am thankful to come across a good view of Anzac Bridge from the Sydney Fish Market by chance.
4) Many thanks to Sydney Fish Market for the wonderful concept in making seafood such a delicious treat!
5) Life is great to me. Even when I have no idea of the path ahead, Life lends its guides and assures that I will be safe.

New things that I did:
1) I visited the Sydney Fish Market for the very first time!
2) I tried calamari rings freshly prepared from the Sydney Fish Market for my first time.
3) I did my first sketch of the Anzac Bridge.

My learning points:

1) Sometimes, we are so near yet so far from our destinations, others can help guide us to get closer to our destinations, even though we may have to walk our journey on our own.

Sydney Fish Market

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