Sunday, February 06, 2011

Read: Quantum Touch

Title: Quantum Touch: The Power to Heal
Author: Richard Gordon
Publisher: North Atlantic Books, 2006
ISBN 1-55643-594-0

I was reading other books in between my reading of Richard Gordon's "Quantum Touch: The Power to Heal". My reading of this book was meant to deepen my understanding of Quantum Touch as a touch-healing method after my first attendance of a Quantum Touch workshop last November.

Admittedly, I think I would like to practise what I have learnt more frequently. This would mean a more conscious effort to set time aside to practise the techniques that I have learnt from the Quantum Touch workshop. In addition, I welcome friends and family to raise their requests to me if they would like to kindly offer me the chance to practise Quantum Touch on them.

Richard Gordon puts forth his ideas related to Life-Force Science. In simple and accessible language, he introduced readers to the concepts and principles of Quantum-Touch. In addition, he outlined the techniques required to apply Quantum-Touch. Personally, I think attending a hands-on Quantum Touch workshop would greatly help one to better apply the techinques than to read the book. Then why read the book? The book discusses the concepts and principles of Quantum-Touch more deeply and hence enhances one's confidence in applying Quantum-Touch. It also enables the Quantum Touch practitioner with the sufficient knowledge to explain Quantum-Touch to others.

Aside from the familiar techniques, I have found the sections on applications of Quantum-Touch to be useful. They gave the practitioner ideas on how to apply Quantum-Touch in various contexts. I also found the chapters on Emotional Healing to be a relevant read since I often come across people who would find  emotional healing helpful in my area of work.

This book is one of the compulsory reading for anyone who wishes to become a certified Quantum Touch practitioner.

I personally think that it may help for readers of this book to consider attending a Quantum Touch workshop either before or after reading the book. People with an open-mind to touch-healing methods are possibly the ones who would find this book quite a relevant read.

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