Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10 Oct 2012: The morning adventure

10 Oct 2012 (Wed):

Kuta Art Market in the morning. Bali.

This was the last day of our tour to Bali. The morning was generally free and the decision was to explore Kuta.

It was too early to visit the Discovery Shopping Mall since it opens at 10 a.m. As such, we explored other parts of the Kuta area. I took notice of the street hawkers who were out for business in the early morning. Kuta looked totally different in the morning than in the night. My attention was also drawn to females praying in the morning. In Bali, the Hindu ladies seem to have the important spiritual role of offering prayers to the Gods.


We had some snacks at the A&W restaurant located in the Discovery Shopping Mall in the late morning. Afterwhich, we explored the mall before heading back to the hotel.

May the photographs lend you a glimpse of our observations for that day.

One of the hawkers. Bali.

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