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9 Oct 2012: Beaches, Balinese Paintings and Bali

Tanjong Benoa Beach, Bali.

9 Oct 2012 (Tue): Our third day in Bali treated us with the beauty of the beaches and more. Our day began with a visit to Tanjong Benoa Beach.

Tanjong Benoa Beach
This beach used to be a fishing village and old dock. Development has led to it becoming a beach-side resort with various amenities. Perhaps if you were to ask me, I would prefer if it could retain its original charms. Maybe I could say so because I have a lesser preferences for water sports?

Anyway, the Tanjong Benoa Beach one place to enjoy water sports such as the Banana Boat, the Parasailing jet ski, fly fish. What is interesting is a sailing trip to Turtle Island by a glass-bottom boat which could be made possible at a fee that was published to be US$25 per person, minimum 2 pax. Our group managed to secure a discount since there were four of us that day. This is a place to bring the beach sandals.

Walking towards one of the glass-bottom boats. Tanjong Benoa Beach, Bali.

Turtle Island
Thankfully, instead of the usual track-shoes that I would usually wear during my visit to Bali, I was wearing a part of slippers when I was at Tanjong Benoa Beach. To take the glass-bottom boat, one would need to walk from the sandy beaches to the glass-bottom boat that was anchored a few metres away from the shore.  The ride on the boat was somewhat leisure and relaxing. Mid-way the journey to Turtle Island, the driver of our boat gave everyone in our group pieces of bread for us to feed the fishes. The glass-bottom boat allowed us to peer through the glass to observe the movements of the plants and fishes under water.

Walking towards Turtle Island, Bali, and looking back at how far I have walked.

In about half-an-hour, we reached Turtle Island. To get to the shore, we had to walk for about five minutes from the place where the boat was anchored. While walking to the shore, I tried to be fully present for this experience which I would rarely have. I became conscious of the sensations of my feet touching the sand. Somehow, it was therapeutic to walk to the shore.

One of the bats in Turtle Farm, Turtle Island, Bali.

At Turtle Island, we paid an admission fee of 10000 rupiahs each to get into the Turtle Farm. Here, we had the chance to get closed-up with turtles, bats, toucans, snakes and more. Under the watchful eyes of one of the keepers, I had my first experience having a snake touching me. Compared to having a snake touching me, it was a more pleasant experience to attempt to get a bat hanging from one of my fingers. Anyway, most of the animals in the Turtle Farm have been domesticated and are used to having interactions with human beings.

A toucan. Turtle Farm, Turtle Island, Bali.

Lunch at Warung Pencar Grill Fish and Sea Food
Our lunch was at a nicely landscaped place called Warung Pencar Grill Fish and Sea Food. My friend and I each ordered a plate of Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken) and fresh coconut juice. The Ayam Bakar has a nice grilled texture and a slightly sweet barbecued taste. It was served with kangkong. I enjoyed my Indonesian-style lunch at Warung Pencar Grill Fish and Sea Food.

Beautifully landscaped place for lunch at Warung Pencar Grill Fish and Sea Food, Bali.
Beverages were not included in the tour package, yet we gladly topped up 12000 rupiahs for our individual share of the fresh coconut juice. I learnt that it is common to add lime into coconut juice in Bali.

Ayam Bakur and fresh coconut juice.
Warung Pencar Grill Fish and Sea Food, Bali.

Warung Pencar Grill Fish and Sea Food
Jl. Pantai Padang Galak, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
Tel: (0361) 8799904.

Balinese paintings
Upon the reminder of yours truly, our tour guide brought us to the Udiyana Art Studio after lunch to see Balinese paintings. However, unlike what the itinerary had suggested, it was too much to expect to hear about the history of Balinese painting at this art studio. Nevertheless, I was thankful for the chance to be acquainted with Balinese paintings.

Udiyana Art Studio
Jl. WR Supratman 327, Tohpati, Denpasar 80237, Bali, Indonesia
Tel: (0361) 461734.

Balinese paintings from Udiyana Art Studio.

Nearby the art studio, there was a wholesale centre for Batik. Here, we caught a glimpse of the production of Batik. My accompanying friend's interest in Bali had a positive influence on me. I found myself searching for a beach of Batik sarong to add to my wardrobe. Anyway, I did not find any at this Batik centre.

The art of making Batik.

Thereafter, the couple in our group requested to return to their hotel to rest. By that time, there was not enough time to visit Taman Ayun Temple. I felt disappointed to have missed visiting the Taman Ayun Temple that sits on a piece of nicely landscaped piece of land. One thing that I am aware about Taman Ayun Temple was that it is the royal temple of the Mengwi Empire, which I have limited knowledge of.

Our tour guide and driver took my friend and myself to Tanah Lot. It seemed a good idea to visit Tanah Lot in the evening somehow.


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