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9 Oct 2012: Tanah Lot and so forth

Tanah Lot. Bali.

9 Oct 2012 (Tue):

In the late afternoon, we noticed there were 16 consecutive traffic police vehicles that had passed our tour bus. We were wondering what was the grand occasion. Several days later, when I was back in Singapore that 12 Oct 2012 was the 10th anniversary of the Bali bombings.

Anyway, when the couple on our tour group reached their hotel, it was yet another adventure for me and my friend who have chosen to continue with the tour. Our destination for that late afternoon was Tanah Lot.

Tanah Lot
Prior to my visit to Tanah Lot, one of my colleagues has told me that this is one of the amazing places in Bali to visit. Tanah Lot is a rock formation off the island of Bali. On the higher grounds of Tanah Lot sits a magnificent pilgrimage temple, the Pura Tanah Lot. During the low-tides, Tanah Lot can be easily accessible. I have learnt from experience of that very day that it would not help to wear track-shoes to Tanah Lot. Slippers or beach sandals may better suit the visit.

People walking across the shallow waters to get to Pura Tanah Lot.

When it was low tide, this was how shallow the water could be.

I learnt from my accompanying friend who had crossed to the island where Pura Tanah Lot had sat that in order to enter the temple, visitors have to first receive blessings with holy water, rice and so forth.

The views at Tanah Lot was pretty captivating. Other than the scenic views, I particularly welcomed the large and refreshing waves. I felt very blessed by what Nature has offered.

On this rocky promontory sits Pura Batu Bolong. Tanah Lot, Bali.

Further away, on a rocky promontory at Tanah Lot is a small Hindu temple named Pura Batu Bolong. It felt very inviting to enjoy the breezes of the Indian Ocean at that rocky promontory.

I was told that Es Kelapa Muda (chilled young coconut) is one of the refreshing drinks that one can enjoy during sunset at Tanah Lot. However, since my friend and I have had fresh coconut drink that afternoon for lunch, we gave the Es Kelapa Muda from Tanah Lot a miss.

I was rather attracted to hawkers cooking and selling barbecued sweet-corn along the streets near Tanah Lot.

The grand entrance to Tanah Lot.

Here is a tip for visitors to Tanah Lot, please be prepared to walk quite a bit to get there from the carpark.

Dinner at Bali Lezat
By the time when we reached the dinner place, the skies have darkened quite a bit. Dinner was at a place that offered Chinese food, seafood and Indonesian food. I like the vegetables especially. This is perhaps because I like to eat vegetables.

Bali Lezat
Jl. Raya Kuta No. 68 Kuta Bali, Indonesia.
Tel: (0361) 763097

Exploring Kuta Square and Kuta at Night
After our dinner, we requested that our driver and tour guide let us alight at the Matahari Shopping Centre. We were driven to the Matahari departmental store in Kuta Square although I was having in mind the Matahari Shopping Centre. Anyway, it proved to be a good enough choice since we knew how to walk from Kuta Square back to our hotel after our night-time adventures.

The streets of Kuta looked bustling with life at night. Compared to the sights of the streets of Kuta in the morning, it seemed that people who love the night will be handsomely rewarded with more interesting activities at night.

Get an ice-cream treat
Before heading back to the hotel, my friend and I each bought ourselves a Cornetto Ice-cream from a 24-hours convenience shop just opposite the hotel that we were staying. One of such serving of ice-cream costs only 6000 rupiah (about S$0.75). In Singapore, it would have cost much more.

That night, I spent some time writing a number of postcards. I wonder how long it would take for them to reach their recipients when I post them the following day.


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