Monday, November 19, 2012

Bali 2012

Ulu Watu.

This October, I visited Bali for a trip to be closer to Nature. I remember the interesting Barong dances, the gamelan ensemble music that I hear, the lovely natural landscapes and the interesting crafts of Bali.

Here is a list of the blogs that I have written on my visit to Bali this October:

In retrospect, the Barong and Kris Dances left a strong impression in me. I was intrigued by the presentation of the mystical and benevolent Barong. In addition, it was very enjoyable to listen to a gamelan orchestra playing live while watching the dances.

The Barong.

I also enjoy the magnificent beauty of the natural landscapes at Ulu Watu. Being there somehow has a calming effect on me.

The Bajra Sandhi Monument was one of the monuments that have somehow made me feel a sense of peace and tranquillity. It was a place with an air of dignity.

Food wise, while I was excited to find A&W root-beer and more in Bali, the fresh coconut drink from Bali has left a more positive impression. I also very much enjoyed the wonderful lunch at the Gong Dewata Restaurant at Kintamani mountain resort. 

Lunch with a wonderful view at Gong Dewata Restaurant, Bali.

Overall, although I was initially hesitant about visiting Bali over various places, I am glad to have made a trip to Bali to experience its interesting culture and to be welcomed by the hospitality of the wonderful people of Bali.

Many thanks to my friend who had been my travelling companion for this very trip to Bali. It's nice to have a friend to exchange ideas with.

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