Monday, October 29, 2007

I should be avoiding spicy items

I should avoid spicy items. This evening, I ate a bowl of Korean bibimbap, served with bean paste and kimchi. I should have known better, my body cannot take too much spicy food.

Usually, I would avoid eating more than half of the serving of the bean paste, but today, the bean paste was kind of mixed into the rice, and I ate all the bean paste that was served with the bibimbap. Now my tummy is feeling unwell and I have been visiting the toilet several times.

I have to learn my lesson well, and remember that I should discipline myself and should only take spicy food at moderate or light quantities.


goldilocks said...

tummy upset is a terrible feeling... you'd probably stay away next time.

oceanskies79 said...

Actually, I quite like Bibimbap because it is a dish with a variety of vegetables....I suppose I shall just eat the bean paste sparingly.