Saturday, October 27, 2007

Needing a mood brightened

Nothing is really wrong. It is just that my mood feels a need to be brightened. Does asking too many questions whose answers cannot be resolved immediately makes one melacholic?

Meantime, there are many people and events to be thankful for. In addition, I am thankful I could seek solace playing the double bass. Admittedly, I am yearning more and more for a better double bass, so that it will be easier to play.

While I was reading a post on Jason Heath's Double Bass blog, I found out how the 'Amati' double bass was presented to Gary Karr as a gift. It made me entertained the idea that if I were to play superbly well like Gary Karr did, could I be presented with a quality double bass as a gift? Meantime, to reach that level of excellence of playing, I shall continue to practise, effectively.

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