Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Music scores arrived finally

Earlier, at the beginning of this month, I had ordered music scores from Yorke Edition through SpartanPress.co.uk.

I did not choose for the scores to be shipped by express mail, and that was why it took a while for the music scores to arrive via Royal Mail.

Out of my sheer liking for Bottesini's Passione Amorosa, I bought the scores for two double bass and piano. Maybe I could attempt to play the second part, and ask my tutor to play the first part? Otherwise, is anyone else keen to play this with me after I have learnt how to play it?

I have also got the piano reduction for Dittersdorf's Concerto No. 1 which is notated in the key of D major. Interestingly, this very concerto is to be played using solo tuning, and it should sound like it is in the key of E major. However, I did not want to string my double bass with solo tuning strings at this point in time, so I figured that it would be more practical for me to play this concerto in the notated key of D major.

More reasons to practice! For this, I am thankful.


emily said...

me want to play the part! lets play for nusso chamber concert it will be awesome

oceanskies79 said...

Thanks Emily. I will be keen to play with you. The thing is I don't feel ready to play Passione Amorosa by the first half of next year.

But if you wish to play Bach's Air again for the nusso chamber concert, I will be keen.