Thursday, May 08, 2008

8 May 2008

I took leave from work today to send my double bass to the Luthier for repair. The real reason is that I needed a break from work to recharge. Anyway, the sound-post needs some fixing to get it to an optimal position. I hope the repair would help improve the sound of my double bass. Somehow, my ears tell me that although it is just a very average double bass for students, it has not been reaching its potential because of its set-up.

The Luthier is someone who is trustworthy and reliable so I look forward to hear some improvements in the sound quality of my instrument. Meantime, I have to get used to many days without a double bass to practise on at home.

Rather than walking about to sight-seeing though I very much wish to do so, I headed home after borrowing a few books from the library. Food for the mind is as good a treat as beautiful sceneries. I shall allow my body to rest so that it can feel better soon.

In the evening, my family had dinner together. It has been a while since we had dinner together.

Meantime, many thanks to the greetings and wishes from various friends: xiaofen, ML, SH, JL, JQ, Ins., XS.

One of my friends, Trinket Addict, brightened my day with a Sunshine Bag Charm. I like the colour combinations of the charm and the effects of sunshine shining through the charm. If you like handmade accessories made from charms, beads, stones and crystals, you can contact Trinket Addict for purchase enquiries.


Doreen said...

How are you feeling today? Better? Rest, rest, rest and rest. And don't read too much book also, you eyes need rest. Ok, I should stop nagging and let you have some peace. Hehehehe.

goldilocks said...

happy birthday!

pinkie said...

Looks like you'd an enjoyable birthday yesterday... happy belated birthday! :)

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: Thank you for caring. I am feeling better. Yes, please let me have some peace. *winks*

JY: Thank you. :)

Pinkie: Thank you too. :)