Thursday, May 01, 2008

The blogger's block

Is it the blogger's block that I don't feel like blogging of late? I realised that I have come to a phase when I don't have as strong an urge to blog.

It is Labour's Day today. I am not feeling in good health and had to spend most of the time resting at home to recuperate. Thank goodness that home is quiet today because no one is watching the television.

Talking about television, according to wikipedia, the television has been commercially available since the 1930s. In Days of Black and White Television in Singapore, by Lam Chun See, it was said that television made its debut in Singapore in the year 1963.

Strangely, television did not draw my interest nowadays. There do not seem to be any programme of particular interest to me. I remember that when I was a young child, I used to enjoy watching cartoons on television. Now, I don't. People evolve, I suppose.

Meantime, wishing everyone good health.


mistipurple said...

blogging is wonderful as an outlet to vent or record the day's events. sometimes it might get tiring, understandably.
i enjoy your blog, and wish you happy days on it too.

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Misti: Yes, blogging can be a good outlet. I am just at this phase where I am thinking how to be a value-add.

Thank you for your support these years. I appreciate your presence and support.

Simple American said...

Hope you have recovered fully.

Sometimes it does not hurt to take a break and get reenergized for blogging.

Just make sure you return.

Are you on FaceBook yet?

Doreen said...

I too don't watch much TV nowadays and always thought it is just the very boring tv programmes and very lame commercials here. I rather go out and watch ocean and sky! They relax me more than TV!

Doreen said...

Don't tell me you're to stop blogging...we've just known each other and now you're leaving? Well, have a good weekend and hope to see you?

dawn said...

I think I am glued to Facebook more than my blog. and with the writers' strike done with, i'm back to the tv again, actually back and forth between Facebook and the TV.

Have a great weekend and hope you feel better.

oceanskies79 said...

SA: So nice to see you here once again. I'm on Facebook, but I am not a frequent visitor there.

Doreen: Welcome! I love the ocean and the skies. *winks* I shall post once I've cleared the block.

Dawn: Have a good holiday! I have yet to experience the power of Facebook to be glued to it.