Thursday, May 29, 2008

A month when I need better health

It is almost coming to the end of May 2008. I realised that I had seen a doctor on three different occasions this month. My health just did not seem to be near its optimal this month.

First, I was struck with sore throat. It was followed by flu. Even after I have completed most of the medication, I felt easily tired physically. Recently, I had bitten on my lips on two different occasions. The wounds developed into ulcers. The ulcers hurt so much today that I didn't feel like talking for most of the day. Thank goodness the doctor whom I saw today prescribed something that helped to else the pain from the ulcers. However, I still can't make out why I have been experiencing headaches from time to time these few days.

I wish for better health. May good health be with you too.


Jammie J. said...

You've really had a tough time of it, haven't you? I'm keeping you in my thoughts for rest and good health. Take care of yourself. xo

Doreen said...

Don't worry, the black month is ending soon, and after that you will be very healthy and happy! 2 more days to go gal..counting down...

mistipurple said...

wish you better health, py.
take care. you're in my thoughts often.

oceanskies79 said...

Jammie: I suppose each of us have our share of tough time. You take care of yourself too. Wishing you good health.

Doreen: Thank you for your kind words. Bye to the black month.

Mistipurple: Thank you very much.