Saturday, May 10, 2008

The priceless gifts

One of my good friends, Mystic, very thoughtfully and kindly treated me to lunch at Central which is located along my favourite river, the Singapore River.

We had initially arranged to meet at Chinatown area but thoughtful Mystic suggested to change the meeting venue to Central as it was nearer to the Singapore Tyler Print Institute which I had intended to visit after our meet-up. What's more, she surprised me by turning up at least 45 minutes before our scheduled meeting time. Thank goodness that I was early too so that she need not wait too long.

Mystic was obliging to my preferences for food and went the extra mile to queue for and order the food. I felt touched by Mystic's kind thoughts and her good company. These are priceless gifts that cannot be bought.

Many thanks to Mystic for being a confidante, counsel and friend. Thank you for your priceless gifts this birthday week of yours truly.


eastcoastlife said...

What a wonderful friend! Hugs for her too!

Happy Birthday PY!!

We need to have another meal together. this time, my treat.

oceanskies79 said...


You have been a good friend too. Thanks for your time taking me on the walking tour of Katong and Geylang. These are also priceless gifts.