Sunday, May 04, 2008

Week 18 of year 2008 on the double bass

27 Apr 2008, Sun: I sight-read the second and third movement of Dittersdorf's second concerto. Much of the time was then spent practising the first movement from the concerto. Playing this concerto in some ways challenges me to deal with the self-doubts and frustrations of not being able to produce the sounds that I would like when playing in the higher positions. It is prompting me to address the set-up issue, it seems.

I sight-read a new exercise on the double bass. Time was also spent playing the first and second movement of Marcello's Sonata in G major from memory.

28 Apr 2008, Mon: I played tunes from Hartley's Double Bass Solo Book One, and played selected passages from the first movement of Dittersdorf's Second Concerto.

29 Apr 2008, Tue: Double bass lesson took place in the late afternoon. I was using my own instrument for the lesson. Sight-reading pointed out my weaknesses. I needed more work on playing uncommon rhythms and accidentals by sight.

I continued to work on the first movement of Dittersdorf's Second Concerto. I need a focused articulation.

30 Apr 2008, Wed: I played on the double bass, playing one same tune in various fashion. The goal was to capture a good recording of the playing.

1 May 2008, Thu: It was a public holiday. Is it due to poor health, I did not seem to be focused when I was practising. I sight-read one exercise, and then worked on the first few bars from the second movement of Dittersdorf's Second Concerto. Afterwhich, time was spent practising some parts from the first movement of the same concerto. I need more focus.

3 May 2008, Sat: I sight-read an exercise, and continued to practise the first movement of Dittersdorf's Second Concerto. I wish for more focus during the practice!

I shall declare a break from double bass practising for the week/s to come. If I do get to practise, it will be a bonus. My double bass needs to be sent for repair, and I wonder how long this would take. The Luthier isn't free this weekend so I would visit him middle of the week.

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