Friday, June 24, 2011

10 May 2011: 3-2-1 Spin!

Make a guess where my mother and I went to after alighting at the Sydney Opera House after the Gray Line Tours?

We took the ultimate way to travel about the Sydney Harbour with Oz Jetboating. The boats of Oz Jetboating can perform 270-degrees spins and jet boat stunts. The See Sydney Attractions Pass came in very useful to let us enjoy huge savings.

Oz Jet Boating
Pass Benefit: Free Jet Boat Ride on weekdays (exclude public holidays and NSW school holidays)
AUS$15 supplement is payable on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and NSW school holidays.

Usual Price: AUS$60 per adult

Full weatherproof clothing is provided for all passengers. The clothings kept my mother and myself relatively dry. Nevertheless, be prepared to get wet on the face and at the hair areas. Personal belongings are not allowed onboard the jet boat as they are likely to get pretty wet if they were allowed! Oz Jetboating provides a locked storage area for the passengers' personal belongings.

At various points of the Sydney harbour, our jet-driver will give us a nice introduction to the given part of the harbour. Whenever the jet was about to make a 270-degrees spin, our jet-driver will prompt us to shout "3-2-1, Spin!".

This spin is not suitable for people with back, neck or spinal injuries as the momentum of the spins could be pretty strong at times. All passengers are required to sign an indemnity form before taking the jet boat ride.

This jet boat ride is wonderful for the adventure-seeking folks who like to spin their way about the Sydney harbour. I enjoyed the ride as it was quite a thrill. However, I am not sure if I would like to do it again because I prefer to enjoy the views of Sydney harbour at a more leisure speed. Nevertheless, this is a fun way to remember the Sydney harbour!

This was taken by the people from Oz Jetboating.

Oz Jetboating
The Eastern Pontoon
Circular Quay
Tel: (+61) 2 9808 3700

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All the photos on this post were taken using a Canon Digital IXUS 1000HS camera.

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