Thursday, June 02, 2011

Read: Stephanie Dowrick's The Almost-Perfect Marriage

Author: Stephanie Dowrick
Title: The Almost Perfect Marriage: one-minute relationship skills
Publisher: Allen and Unwin

Ever since I had first read Stephanie Dowrick's book, Choosing Happiness, about two years ago, she has became one of the authors whose books I would read even if the subject matter is not at all relevant to me yet. Her writings radiate her values and her vision, and I have found her writings to be comforting and inspiring.

It was natural that when I came across another book by Stephanie Dowrick at the library, I knew it was the book to borrow and to read. This book is a compilation of quotes and wise suggestions for better relationships and the almost-perfect marriage.

Perhaps this quote from the book in much ways sum up the core element that will make a marriage almost perfect.

”It’s not age, sexuality, wealth, religion or culture that will determine the success of your relationship. It is your willingness to discover what love truly means.”

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