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9 May 2011: The awesome view from Pylon Lookout

The view from Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout.

The Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout was one of the places that I had visited on 9 May 2011. This is one place to visit for to get fantastic views of the city and harbour from the iconic Harbour Bridge. This is also a less physically demanding and more affordable alternative to the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.

Admittedly, I had over-estimated my mother's capacity to travel on foot. By the time when my mother and I walked from the Sydney Opera House to Cumberland Street to gain access to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, my mother decided that she would take a rest instead while I head for the Pylon Lookout on my own.

Sydney Opera House and part of The Rocks from the Harbour Bridge.

This photograph was taken using the 'Fish-eye' program of the camera.

While I wished she could enjoy the fantastic views from Pylon Lookout with me, I gladly seized the opportunity to travel independently to the Pylon Lookout at my very own pace. Being a solo traveller even for a brief moment was a pleasant challenge. I took time to be aware of the sights that my eyes saw as I walked along the pedestrian pathway on the Eastern side of the Harbour Bridge.

When I reached the entrance to Pylon Lookout after a leisure stroll along the pedestrian pathway, I happily took out my See Sydney Attractions Pass. The usual admission to the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout would be AUS$9.50 per adult but with a See Sydney Attractions Pass, the pass holder could gain free entry!

There are about 200 stairs to Pylon Lookout. On the way to the viewing gallery of the Pylon Lookout, visitors could enjoy three levels of exhibition spaces to learn about the history and the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Due to time constraint, I did not browse through all the exhibits. The Pylon Lookout's official website will give a good glimpse of what visitors could expect to see at the exhibition galleries of the Pylon Lookout:

The centre-pin.

One of the exhibits that caught my attention was the centre-pin. There was an early plywood model of the centre-pin on display. The massive centre-pin was crucial and was used to fasten the two half arches of the Harbour Bridge together.

More memorable was the fabulous views from the Pylon Lookout. I decided that no amount of good writing would be adequate to describe the inspiring views of the Sydney city and harbour as seen from the Pylon Lookout. Visit the Pylon Lookout and experience it for yourself please.

Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout
South East Pylon
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Access via Cumberland Street, The Rocks
Opening hours: Daily 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Closed on Christmas Day)
Admission: $9.50 per adult.

I used the Canon Digital IXUS 1000HS camera's stitch program to obtain this photograph.

All the photos on this post were taken using a Canon Digital IXUS 1000HS camera

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