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22 May 2012: Beautiful Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay.
Paddy's Market.
22 May 2012 (Tue):
After two servings of breakfast at Revolver, I took a light rail to the Paddy's Market, Sydney City. After that, my next destination was Circular Quay. I found my way to the Observatory Hill from Circular Quay. The most memorable activity that I did at the Observatory Hill was to witness the dropping of the time-ball at 1 p.m.

After my visit to the Observatory Hill, I found my way to Circular Quay to take a ferry to Watsons Bay. Whenever I visit Sydney, I have made it a point to take as many rides on the ferry as I could. The views on the way to Watsons Bay was lovely and enticing. I love how the breeze blow gently against my face. The air was fresh!

Sydney Opera House
At one of the wharf, at Circular Quay.
View of the Sydney City skyline from the ferry.
Dunbar House. Robertson Park. Watsons Bay.
I headed to Robertson Park for a stroll. My heart told me to take a public bus to Rose Bay area. On the way to Rose Bay, I must have kind of lost my way. Anyway, I took a stroll of the area and found myself at New South Head Road, near Norwich Road. I was very close to getting to the Pier, a place for one of the best seafood in Sydney. Yet, with all the stories of getting lost and unexpected delays that very day, I knew that if I wish to take the last ferry for the day that would set off from Watsons Bay to Circular Quay, I would have to find my way to Watsons Bay soon enough.

Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church, Rose Bay.
A glimpse of Rose Bay.

The bus that I took led me to the Gap Park. I took a route that I had not taken before. It was quite an adventure to explore new places. I explored the Coastal Clifftop Walkway on my own. The scenery from the Gap Park was refreshing and somewhat spectacular. Along the way, I met several visitors to the area. I felt grateful that a few friendly visitors offered to help me take photographs of myself. I could not have taken better photographs of myself without their help.

Coastal Clifftop Walkway. The Gap Park.
South Head in the Foreground, North Head in the distance.

Pause. Slow down. Enjoy the moments.

These were the best things to do when one is at the Gap Park. To delight in the moment and to experience the marvel of Nature. I felt so thankful and grateful for the beautiful scenery that Nature has to offer. While I was strolling about Watsons Bay, I thought of the times when I visited Watsons Bay with friends. I was reminded of their generosity and kindness. Somehow this place will have a special place in my heart.

Watsons Bay. Macquarie Lighthouse in the background.

Watsons Bay.

The view from the Gap Park.

Admittedly, I was rather anxious that afternoon. I was too mindful not to miss the last ferry that I literally missed exploring certain parts of the Gap Park and Watsons Bay. Perhaps that would give me the excuse to return again?

Robertson Park. Watsons Bay.

Before I left Watsons Bay, I bought a take-away fish-and-chips from Doyles on the Wharf. The gentlemen at the outlet were very kind to get my orders done as soon as they could when I told them that I was catching the last ferry back to Circular Quay for that day. My orders cost me AUD$13.80.

Once I have gotten my orders, I ran to the wharf to catch the last ferry back to Circular Quay. Soon, the ferry set off for Circular Quay. The fish-and-chips was tasty as best as I could remember. However, I did the food a disservice. I was to enticed with enjoying the views from the ferry that I had only started eating the food when I had reached Circular Quay about half-an-hour later.

Watsons Bay.

Watsons Bay.
The ferry ride back to the city.

I felt deeply grateful to be blessed with the beautiful sights of Watsons Bay. Nature has been so loving to grant such beautiful sights. May all visitors and residents of Watsons Bay be blessed with love and joy.

Watsons Bay
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Ways to get to Watsons Bay:
1) Take a ferry to Watsons Bay.
2) Take a bus to Watsons Bay.
3) Drive to Watsons Bay.

Doyles on the Wharf Take Away/ Bistro
Fishermans Wharf, Watsons Bay, Sydney.
Tel: +61-2-9337-6214

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James Tann said...

PY your post brings me back to memories of peace and serenity of Watsons Bay. My favorite thing was to have a picnic in the hill slope facing the bay, sitting on the grass and eating the chips from Doyles. I once spent a whole afternoon reading The Little Prince there.

oceanskies79 said...

Thank you James for sharing. I could imagine how serene and peaceful it would be to spend the whole afternoon reading a wonderful book like The Little Prince at Watsons Bay. I would have felt as if every single moment is to be treasured and savoured. :)