Saturday, July 14, 2012

23 May 2012: Headed to Chatswood and was acquainted with Mr Vitamins

23 May 2012, Wed: The weather was sunny, and the temperature for the day ranged from 10 - 23 degrees Celsius. I had a rather sumptuous breakfast at the cafe, Joe Black, that morning.

The view from the train, on the way to Chatswood.


Afterwhich, I was on my way to Chatswood train station to meet one of my friends. When we were at Chatswood, my friend got me acquainted with this establishment known as Mr Vitamins. It prides itself to be "Australia's biggest vitamin store dedicated to providing the best brands at the cheapest possible price".

I was amazed by the sheer quantity and variety of supplements and vitamins that were available at Mr Vitamins. My friend testified that the prices of a number of the supplements were the cheapest that she can find in Sydney. I was rather intrigued when I learnt that many of the staff at Mr Vitamins are trained in naturopathyhomeopathy and so forth.

Interestingly, I went along with the flow, and visited Mr Vitamins by chance. That was an unexpected way to get a glimpse of how popular the consumption of supplements was in Australia. If you believe in the benefits of health supplements, you may wish to check out Mr Vitamins when you are visiting Australia.

Many thanks to my friend for introducing me to an interesting place in Sydney. I was reminded how precious health is.

Mr Vitamins

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