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22 May 2012: The search to find Revolver at 291 Annandale Street

Revolver Veggie Big Breakie.

In my efforts to treat myself to wonderful breakfasts while I was visiting Sydney in one of the weeks in May 2012, I had referred to Time Out Sydney to help me identify some of Sydney's best breakfasts. One of the places in Sydney that I had shortlisted to enjoy breakfast at was Revolver. This is one place where the spirit of community is strong, and the food is delicious.

Revolver is located in the suburbs of Annandale. While I was figuring out my way to get to Revolver from the  Travelodge Sydney Hotel, I consulted the 131500 New South Wales' Transport Info website. One of the suggestions was to take the bus service M50 to Victoria Rd, near Evans Street, Rozelle, and then cross to the other side of the road to take bus service 433 to the bus-stop at the Crescent, opposite Trafalgar Street, Annandale Street. My destination was another 470 metres from that bus stop.

The information was correct yet it seemed that having to take the bus from the wrong side of the road, finding my way to the right side of the road to retrace the journey and overlooking that it was time to alight had led to me finding myself losing my way as I tried to head to Revolver. The lesson learnt, however, was that when one is sure about one's destination, one will reach there in a matter of time.

I express my words of gratitude to the many strangers who have helped me on my journey to Revolver. In particular, my special words of thanks to these kind folks:

- The driver who so nicely gave me information how to find myself to the right side of the road when I realized with a mild shock that I had taken the bus M50 only to realized 15 minutes later that I had taken the bus from the wrong side of the road!

- Another bus-driver who was patient enough not to yell at me when I was so busy looking at maps that I had missed alighting at a bus-stop along Victoria Road! He gave me directions on how to travel to Victoria Road.

- When I was taking yet another M50 bus to head to Victoria Road, another observant bus-driver noticed that I was lost. He made the time to stop the bus to speak with me when I alighted at the wrong bus-stop! He allowed me to get back onto the bus to continue my journey to the right bus-stop. By that time, everyone on the bus knew that I was going to Evans Street!

- The two kind ladies on one of the buses who gave me clear directions on the exact bus-stop to alight. I had wanted to alight at the bus-stop near Evans Street.

- The helpful lady with a child who reminded me to take bus service 433 to Annandale suburb when I was lost after alighting at Victoria Rd, near Evans Street.

- The gentleman who gave me direction to find my way to Annandale Street from Johnston Street.

The journey from the hotel to Revolver would have usually taken about 35 minutes. However due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances, I set off from the hotel at about 7.20 a.m. and only found my way to Annandale Street at about 9.30 a.m.! Two hours and ten minutes taken to find my way there!

Maybe the lessons learnt were to be more alert, to learn to ask for help, to be prepared to face the uncertainties, and to trust that I will get to my destination eventually. I have also learnt to be prepared to ask for help and to receive the help that was necessary to help me reach my destination. One other thing that I have learnt was to remember to enjoy the beautiful sights along the way even when I was lost.

Anzac Bridge from the Bicentennial Park.

On my way to Revolver, I was rewarded with beautiful views of the Rozelle Bay and the Anzac Bridge from the Bicentennial Park. I also noticed many interesting houses along the way to Revolver. When I reached Revolver, it struck me that it is a place for breakfast for the community living in the Annandale suburb. It is the place where the people in the community gather to meet and to enjoy good food. I felt that Revolver was a friendly place to spend time at.

The view of Rozelle Bay from the Bicentennial Park.


I ordered the Oyster Mushroom Bruschera with scrambled egg, fresh ricotta and wilted spinach. This was at AUD$14.50 each. I also ordered the watermelon and passion fruit juice. I love the oyster mushroom which went very well with the egg and the wilted spinach. Admittedly, I love the taste of the wilted spinach.

Oyster Mushroom Bruschera with scrambled eggs, fresh ricotta and wilted spinach.

I felt that my appetite was huge that morning. I read the menu and ordered the Revolver Veggie Big Breakie which was one of Revolver's specialties. This breakfast set was served in a cast iron pan. At AUD$16.50 per serving, it was a pretty generous breakfast set. I love the taste of the hummus, avocado, mashed beetroot, mushroom and tomato. The tomato base found in the Revolver Veggie Big Breakie with home-made baked beans was tasty and caught my interest.

Revolver Veggie Big Breakie.
I like the mashed beetroot and the avocado.

I left Revolver feeling very satisfied with the servings of breakfast that I had. It reminded me that despite the challenges and set-backs, I will find my way to my destination if I know where it is.

An interesting community notice board outside Revolver.

Here is my suggestion of how to travel to Revolver with greater ease:
- Take the Metro Light Rail services and alight at Rozelle Bay station.
- From the Light Rail station at Rozelle Bay, find your way to 291 Annandale Street which runs parallel to Johnston Street and Piper La.

Rozelle Bay Metro Light Rail services.

291 Annandale Street, Annandale, NSW 2038, Australia
Tel: 61-2-9555-4727
Opens 7 days a week
Time: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Nearest Metro Light Rail station: Rozelle Bay

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