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24 May 2012: Dinner at Reuben & Moore

Reuben & Moore. Westfield Sydney.

Blessings come in different shapes and sizes. One evening while I was on a tour bus heading back to the Sydney's city after a rainy day out at the Blue Mountains, I received a call from one of my friends, FH, asking me out for dinner. She was very kind to accommodate to my limited schedule as I was scheduled to visit the Sydney Observatory by 8.15 p.m. that evening.

We were to meet at Westfield Sydney. I had no exact idea where Westfield Sydney was, yet there was a vague image of the Sydney Tower that came into my mind. It turned out that I was right, the Sydney Tower was accessible from Westfield Sydney. From that moment, I instantly knew the meeting point and could ask my friendly bus driver to drive me there.

I am very thankful that my friend, FH, suggested that we check out Reuben & Moore at Level Five of Westfield Sydney. This is a hot and cold deli sandwich bar and rotisserie, that brings a taste of New York to Westfield Sydney. The made-to-order sandwiches are made using local produce, market-fresh ingredients and artisan bread.

Crisp skin pork leg. From Reuben & Moore.

I ordered the crisp skin pork leg and Hilda ordered the Reuben sandwich on rye bread with fries. Reuben & Moore offers an interesting selection of food.

The crisp skin pork leg is served with caramelised apple sauce which complement the slow-cooked crackling crisp skin pork leg very well. I seldom order pork yet this is sure worthwhile to enjoy.

Reuben sandwich on rye bread with fries.

Many thanks to my friend, FH, for her thoughtful recommendations. I have had a delicious dinner at Reuben & Moore. Over dinner, it was a great blessing to make time to catch up with my friends. I am very grateful for FH's thoughtfulness and kindness in making time to meet up for dinner. The greatest blessing for the evening was to make the time to share moments with a friend. 

I also realized that I was very blessed that evening. Every Thursdays, Reuben & Moore extends its operation hours and offers dinner to its customers. I would not have been able to enjoy dinner there had I visited on any other days other than a Thursday!

Level 5, Food Court, Westfield Sydney
86 - 100 Market Street, Sydney 2000

Nearest train station: St James.

Also see its website: Reuben & Moore Sandwich Bar & Grill

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