Thursday, August 16, 2012

21 May 2012: A beautiful evening

21 May 2012 (Mon): After a lovely afternoon at the Berowra Waters, my friend, her daughter and I found our way to my friend's home. It was an inviting and cosy home in the mountainous area. I could imagine the awe one would feel waking up every morning and giving thanks for such magnificent sights of the mountains.

Tea-time was wonderful in the company of friends, a long-time one and a very young new friend. My friend's daughter proudly insisted that I see her toys! Amusing it was, this young lady has a lot of confidence.

In the evening, before the sun sets, we headed for Lavender Bay to enjoy the wonders of the evening sunset. In autumn, the sun sets earlier than summer in Sydney. We leisurely walked on a long boardwalk towards Lunar Park. It was a part of Milsons Point that I had not explored before.

Along the way, we were welcomed by the sights of the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. These were such lovely views that I wished I will in a matter of years own a home in that part of Sydney. If I shall do so, it would be a pleasure to organize open-house at certain times of the years so that visitors can enjoy the beauty of evening skies in the comfort of a cosy home.

Words cannot fully describe the beauty of the evenings skies, so let the photographs tell the story.

My friend's daughter was observed to be very excited by the living creatures that she saw in the waters when she looked down the water from the boardwalk. Please pardon me. I could not figure out what had so intensely caught her attention. I just played along with her to express wonder and awe for the world that I live in.

Many thanks to my friend and her daughter for their treasured company at Milsons Point.

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