Sunday, August 12, 2012

Changi Museum War Trail, my experiences

The Changi Chapel.

The Original Singapore Walks by Journeys Pte Ltd has been one of my favourite tours in Singapore. I was impressed by the well-researched tours that when one of my friends asked about visiting the Changi Museum, I suggested the possibility of going for the Changi WWII, Changi Museum War Trails.

This tour included a fully guided visit to the Changi Museum and the Changi Chapel. During the tour, the coach will also take the participants to have a glance of the old Changi Jail and the Selarang Barracks. These two locations had both served as internment camps for Prisoner-of-War during the Japanese Occupation. One section of the tour will bring participants to explore the Johore Battery with a replica of a WWII 15-inch gun battery. The tour also includes a walk on Changi Beach.

My favourite sections on the tour were those on the Changi Cross and the Changi Murals.

I had been on this tour more than five years ago. I thought it would be a good idea to go for this tour again. Eventually, I signed myself up for the tour together with a few of my friends and went on the tour on 11 Aug 2012. I was very glad that I did. Going for this tour reminded me that peace is invaluable and cannot be taken for granted. In addition, I was reminded of the faith and strength of the human spirit and how these had helped many of people overcame the challenges during the war and the internment.

The Changi Cross made by Harry Stogden.

Our guide, Janet, presented the various stories of the prisoner-of-war in an effective and touching manner. I could not help but empathize with the prisoner-of-war and their families for the pain and suffering that they had experienced.

A replica. Johore Battery. 

The tour was backed up by loads of good research. Somehow, as a participant of the tour, I felt that history came alive when I was learning about the British defence strategy, the Malayan Campaign and the Battle of Singapore during the tour. Going for the tour makes learning about this part of Singapore's history very interesting and entertaining.

One of my accompanying friends who was a nine-year-old child also found the tour to be interesting. He was paying attention throughout the tour.

A heritage marker at Changi Beach.

Overall, I find this a very educational and insightful tour. I felt deeply touched by the stories of how the war had affected the prisoner-of-war and their families. This tour gives a more in-depth understanding of challenges faced by prisoner-of-war as well as the pre-war and wartime history of the area of Changi. I think this tour is worth a good consideration for local residents in Singapore who would like to gain a better understanding of World War II history in this part of the world. I would say that it is a value-for-money and excellent tour.

Changi Beach.


Changi WWII™
A Changi Museum War Trail™

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