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21 May 2012: The scenic Berowra Waters

Berowra Waters is possibly a well-kept secret holiday destination in the Northern part of Sydney. I did not know about it until one of my friends brought me there. This is a place I would recommend urban dwellers to visit. It would bring a sense of serenity to its visitors, and a peaceful escape from the city.

I have to thank my friend, FH, for introducing me to and driving me to Berowra Waters. It was a place that made me felt tranquil, as if I was in heaven. I later learnt that Berowra Waters is surrounded by one of Australia's oldest and best known national parks, Ku-ring-gai Chase.

Our destination was the Berowra Waters Marina. To get there, my friend drove through mountain trails. After which, she parked her car onto one of the Berowra Waters Ferries that would take us to the Berowra Waters Marina. While my friend's child was taking a short nap on the car, I explored the area with great delight and awe for the sheer beauty of scenic Berowra Waters.

Simply walking about Berowra Waters gave me a deep sense of tranquility. I suppose this was the healing powers of Nature?

My friend gave me a thoughtful treat to a delicious meal at Berowra Waters Fish Cafe. This cafe is said to offer some of the best Fish and Chips in Sydney. As we sat and enjoyed the seafood platter, we enjoyed each others company. The food was delicious. The seafood was very fresh. The taste of the scallop, crabsticks, fish and calamari rings taste much better than the seafood that I have had a year ago at Sydney Fish market. Alright, maybe I was biased. The pleasure of having friends enjoying wonderful food with me could have led me to give extra bonus points to the seafood that I have had at Berowra Waters Fish Cafe.

The Berowra Waters Fish Cafe is situated at the spectacular Berowra Waters within the Marina complex. I was happily enjoying the beautiful views while I was enjoying the delicious lunch. I felt deeply blessed to be treated to such scenic views at the Berowra Water. The views were simply amazing. Furthermore, we were blessed with good weather that day. My friend's daughter was so excited that she tried to create percussive rhythms using the cutlery. My friend and I had to gently reminded our young enthusiastic companion that a better time to do so was after the lunch, at the nearby playground. Nevertheless, I could not help but to delight in the youthful innocence of my friend's daughter. Very often, it is a blessing to see the world through the eyes of a child.
Berowra Waters.

After lunch, I felt I was transported back to the days of childhood when my friend's daughter led us to the nearby playground. To play, of course!

I was reminded that one does not need a lot to be happy in life. The key ingredients that we would need are  kindness, humour, beauty and a zest for life.

Lots of thanks to my friend, FH, for bringing me to Berowra Waters.

Berowra Waters Ferry. A mode of transportation.

Just do remember to bring along warm clothing when you visit Berowra Waters please. The winds can be chilling.

About Berowra Waters

Berowra Waters Fish Cafe
199 Bay Road, Berowra Waters, NSW, Australia
Tel: +61-2-9456-4665

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