Monday, September 17, 2012

Hyde Park Sydney

Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park, Sydney.

During my visit to Sydney in May 2012, I stayed in Travelodge Sydney at 27 Wentworth Avenue. The location of the hotel is within walking distance to Hyde Park, Sydney. As such, almost everyday, I would find myself walking through or walking past Hyde Park, Sydney. I felt calmed by the greenery in the park. The park reminded me that it was possible to find a healing space even in the urbanized city of Sydney.

Hyde Park, Sydney. In the morning, people would be seen exercising in the park.

The name, Hyde Park, immediately reminds me of the Hyde Park in London. I learnt that Hyde Park in Sydney was named after the original Hyde Park in London. I suppose when the European settlers build their homes in Sydney, they had wanted to build a recreational space that would in some ways remind them of their hometown up in the Northern hemisphere?

St Mary's Cathedral.

There are many interesting monuments that visitors can find at Hyde Park, Sydney. Most visitors will not miss the Archibald Fountain that was designed by François-Léon Sicard and donated by J.F. Archibald in 1932 in honour of Australia's contribution to the Great War (WWI) in France. At the southern end of the Hyde Park is the ANZAC Memorial  which was a memorial to those from New South Wales who had served in the Great War from 1914 - 1918. There are other monuments and what a visitor would need is simply the curiosity and perseverance to look out for these monuments and learn about their significance.

ANZAC Memorial, Sydney.
One of the reasons for me choosing to stay in a hotel that is near to Hyde Park was to be as close to gardens and Nature even in  the city of Sydney. In addition, around the boundaries of Hyde Park, Sydney, are interesting museums and buildings such as the St Mary's Cathedral, the Australian Museum, the Hyde Park Barracks and more. These were buildings that I would like to visit if time permits. During my visit to Sydney in May 2012, I had some time to visit St Mary's Cathedral. However, it looks like I would have to visit the other museums in the future.

Nevertheless, please join me to browse through a few images of parts of Hyde Park, Sydney, and enjoy the beauty of this green gem in the Sydney city.

Perimeter of Hyde Park, with St Mary's Cathedral in the background.

Hyde Park, Sydney.

Hyde Park Sydney
Nearest train stations: Museum, St James.


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