Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Question 1016

I just noticed that this will be my 1016th post. If I were to write each of my posts on this blog as a question that I pose to this world, this shall be my question number 1016.

Was there a time when you fear that you would just live each day like a routine?
Not with much directions.
Where you have things to be heard,
But this world cannot hear the frequency that you thrives in?
Nevermind about that then, you try to make yourself heard.
But there is this doubt whether anything has been compromised?
Then the fear strikes,
That one day, in attempting to be heard,
One forgets one's true frequency.
How should one find oneself back?

Presenting question number 1016.


mistipurple said...

listen to your inner voice.
the world lives by two standards, one your own, and the other, her's.
it's important to juggle both, but that does not mean you lose yourself. :)

Simple American said...

Your true heart will always find the road you need to follow. Just be sure you are not misled by the false hearts, for they are many and attractive.

You will know your true heart as it remains the same. Happy or sad. Angered or glad.

Jane said...

I questioned myself the same...

Anonymous said...

I think the true question is: when did you lose yourself. And why?

You are still you.

PY, you intrigue me.