Sunday, March 19, 2006

What's New in Singapore: Hua Song Museum

In case you have not been reading one of my favourite blogs,, I shall attempt to introduce you to a recently opened museum, the Hua Song Museum, located next to Haw Par Villa, Singapore.

To quote from the museum's webpage:
Aptly named Hua Song, which means "in praise of the Chinese community", the museum offers visitors the chance to appreciate the spirit of adventure and enterprise of the early Chinese migrants around the world, who made countless sacrifices, seized opportunities amidst adversity, showed great fortitude and industry to make good in their adopted land.

I have yet to visit the museum, but I am very keen to. Meantime, please sit back and read the following posts by layyoong and June on their visits to the Hua Song Museum. Their posts contain nice photographs that offer you glimpses of the museum. Check it out. You won't regret that.

- Hua Yu Cool
- Newly Launched Hua Song

And if you wish to visit the place, check this link for visitor's information.

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