Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Arts Canteen

Several weeks ago, I was at the university, my alma mater. One place that most of the students of my faculty would visit would be the Arts Canteen. It was known for the good food that was sold at its various stalls.

The Arts Canteen had several levels. I remember that my peers will term the various levels as Heaven, Earth and Hell. Such terms appear to have a function in helping people locate their friends if they were to meet up at the Arts Canteen. They would simply mention whether they are sitting at "Heaven", "Earth" or "Hell".

I have no idea how people nowadays term the different levels of the newly refurbished Arts Canteen. Anyway, I saw that there is an air-conditioned level whereby there is a Burger Kings outlet, a Thai food outlet and some cafe establishment at the new Arts Canteen when I was there a few weeks ago.

At another level, one could find stalls selling food such as Chinese food, Western food, Japanese food, Yong Tau Foo and so forth. This level, with yet another level are non air-conditioned. But well, there is a price to pay to eat at the air-conditioned level. The food from the stalls at the air-conditioned level are much more expensive.

Anyway, I quite like the layout of the new Arts Canteen. Without the nostalgic brick dividers and walls, more light could be allowed to enter the canteen, and allowing one to get a glimpse of the nearby sceneries.

I found myself liking the seemingly spacious layout of the new Arts Canteen. Food wise, somehow, I can't help but to say the layout of the food stalls have made the food look not as appetizing as they used to be. However, I did not have the time nor appetite to try the food from most of the stalls, so I can't really tell how the food taste like.


tigerfish said...

haaahaaa, heard about the Heaven, Earth and Hell too. We used to go to Arts canteen for food, and so crowded that we usually land in Hell :O

Happy New Year!

eastcoastlife said...

Whoa! Fancy having Heaven, Earth and Hell in the uni! I heard the food sold in the uni is cheap and tasty.... there's even a TV programme on uni food in Singapore.

pinkie said...

I remember Arts canteen for its Char Kway Teow... yummy! Izzit still there? My sis studied there and there was a period where my late dad had a construction project... kent ridge hostel..

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Tigerfish: I used to end up either in Hell or Heaven...Earth tends to get too crowded at the old Arts Canteen.

Eastcoastlife: Yes. Heaven is the highest level, just before it is "Earth", followed by "Hell".

Pinkie: There is a stall selling Char Kway Teow and other food, but it is not the famous Char Kway Teow stall of the old Arts Canteen. I suppose the stall you were referring to was the one where the cook looks as if she is dancing where she stirred and fried the Kway Teow? I think it stopped operating at Arts Canteen when I was year two.