Thursday, December 27, 2007

Reader's Digest: Loud Asia!

In the December 2007 issue of Reader's Digest, there is an article titled Loud Asia: How the Noise Epidemic Affects You

According to this article, when the noise levels of various public spaces in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Bangkok were measured using a certified sound level meter, almost every locations that were tested had registered noise levels that were well above what the World Health Organization considers the safe limit of 70 decibels.

I suppose my statement that "I live in a noisy world" does have some basis.

While I have a portable pair of ear-plugs with me almost all the time, I have not been conscientiously using it when I find the environment around me noisy. I probably need to learn to get used to using them more conscientiously now, especially after reading the above-mentioned article from Readers Digest.

I realised that my right ear has been experiencing high-pitched humming sound and is not as sharp in hearing as my left ear. The humming sound has not become irritable, but it is certainly a concern. I fear it could be a symptom revealing an early sign of tinnitus. If I seem to be thinking of the worst, perhaps I should be glad that both my ears can still hear.

I wonder if I should be wearing ear plugs most of the time? Generally, most malls are actually quite noisy. Of course, to some extent, I can't help but realised that I have been exposed to noises so often that I have started to become somewhat desensitised to noise. Yet, noise can damage the sense of hearing, and I have lots of interest in protecting my sense of hearing.

Probably I have to learn to be more conscientious in putting on my ear plugs when needed. Furthermore, there are really nice ear filters for the musicians like the HiFi HEAROS ear filters that are designed to reduce the volume level without changing the frequency balance of the music.

It's time to be more proactive in protecting my sense of hearing. According to the article, Noise is the number one preventable cause of hearing loss. Maybe the next time when I find the noise around me too loud for my comfort level, there are high chances that I am probably very right.


mistipurple said...

it is getting not so 'macho' now to be able to withstand loud music without protection. thank goodness we have more musicians taking a proactive approach to enjoying their music making and adapting to having ear protection at the same time. we do have older folks getting them too for a better snooze at night. i do think it is suitable and safer for them as it does not block out total sounds.

thank you, PeiYun for mentioning HEAROS and for this post and the other.

pinkie said...

Tink I must be so deaf by now, with all the clubbing... :P soon, I will be wearing hearing aid and/or ear plugs...