Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Singapore Arts Festival 2008 starts 23 May 2008

The Singapore Arts Festival 2008 will be held from 23 May to 22 June 2008. This festival began "in 1977 as a national arts festival celebrating local arts activity of Singapore’s diverse communities." Over the years, it has evolved.

For some reason, I am beginning to find the programmes of the Singapore Arts Festival for the past few years not to my preference. I have yet to have an urge to purchase ticket for any event.

Alright, I am awfully biased. One of my favourite performances of the Singapore Arts Festival was the workshop and the concert by the L'Orchestre de Contrebasses in the year 2000. It has been a long time ever since a double bass ensemble or a double bass soloist has performed in one of the main events of the Singapore Arts Festival. Here's a video of this double bass ensemble playing two different pieces on the double bass. Do catch it!:

(Click here to view source.)

Meantime, I would like to point you to the Opening Celebrations of this year's Singapore Arts Festival:

Water Fools
Ilotopie (France)
Part of the Water Wonders Series

23 - 25 May, 8pm
Boat Quay

Phantasmagoric and whimsical water creatures loom from the river, as fireworks unfold in an aquatic extravaganza. Giant mechanical sets that turn everyday objects into fantastic machines look set to wow audiences, as they take the man beyond the wildest dreams of his humble car ride into a dazzling opening show at the Singapore Arts Festival.

If you like water and fireworks, this performance will be something that may fascinate you.

If you love the music from the movie The Lord of the Rings, then don't forget to consider The Lord of the Rings Symphony: Six Movements for Orchestra, Chorus and Soloists performed on 5 and 6 Jun 2008 by the Singapore Festival Orchestra, Chorus of the Slovene National Theatres Maribor and Ljubljana, Singapore Lyric Opera Children’s Choir

For more information on the festival, please visit:

I hope one or two of the events would interest you.


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