Saturday, June 14, 2008

Along Joo Chiat Place

When I was at the Katong area last month, I set aside some time to take a look at a house that was located along Joo Chiat Place. It is a kampong house at 106 Joo Chiat Place, also known affectionately by some as Studio 106. I did not enter the site since it appeared to be private property.

After several past visits to the exhibition, Sculpting Life, held at the NUS Museum, I have learnt that Studio 106 was the art studio of the late Ng Eng Teng. I found out from one of the video-recordings that I had watched while I was at the exhibition that there used to be a kiln in Studio 106. This was the place where Ng Eng Teng had worked and created many sculptures.

I first learnt about Ng Eng Teng and his works during Art History classes when I was a Secondary school student. Much later, during my university years, visiting the Ng Eng Teng Gallery in NUS was one of the activities that I would frequently engage in in-between my lessons.

There is something unique and special about his works, though I couldn't exactly put in words. Somehow, Ng Eng Teng's works looked simple yet so creatively thought-out to me.

I wonder what the house is now being used for?

Directly opposite 106 Joo Chiat Place was the residence of the late Ng Eng Teng.

Meantime, for readers who would like to view the works by Ng Eng Teng, there is now an exhibition, Sculpting Life, that presents some of his works. At the NUS Museum, from 11 January – 31 December 2008. This exhibition is worth a visit. I have already visited the exhibition for at least three times this year.

Visitors' information can be found here:


Doreen said...

Everytime I saw "Katong", I think of the laksa. Now I am missing it....hehehehe

Anonymous said...

so nice to see you blogging about joo chait again.
the house where studio 106 was is now still owned by the nephew of late Ng Eng Teng. In fact, they still live across the road, in the 2 shophouses opposite. it was for sale for awhile but no takers. maybe it still is for sale.
i was very gratified a few months ago when theres another sculptor that setup shop further down the road. its gallery eighty and studio k of Kumari Nahappan fame. She is the scultor of the seed pods at national museum and in changi terminal 3.
i guess the compromise given the demise of Ng is the Telok Kurau Arts Studios which is at the end of Joo Chiat Place, corner to Telok Kurau Road. This non-residential artist complex houses some of singapore's bests.... the medallion winners etc.
another sculptor that you probably be familiar is Encik Iskandar Jalil... more of a potter and his works are used as gifts by the various gov ministries. His original kiln was removed but he has now a house/ gallery right next to kembangan mrt.
quite glad that art is not lost in joo chiat even after Ng Eng Teng. How i wish that in some civic buildings in joo chiat, they would have a signature piece from Ng to commemorate the years he spend here educating and creating some of singapore's best art...
btw, the recently did an update of some of the artists in joo chiat.

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: Have you tried the Katong Laksa made in Singapore?

Tony: Thanks for your enlightening comments. It would be a lovely idea for a piece by Ng Eng Teng to be placed in Joo Chiat. Meantime, I suppose the Mother and Child sculpture at 106 Joo Chiat Place is a testimony of Ng Eng Teng's contributions to Singapore's art scene.

eastcoastlife said...

Thanks for coming to Katong CC Open House this morning, PY.

The Mother and Child sculpture look familiar. I can't remember where it was located.

oceanskies79 said...

eastcoastlife: Thanks for your invitation to the Open House. :)

The Mother and Child sculpture in this post is found in the kampong house at 106 Joo Chiat Place.

Ng Eng Teng had made many sculptures under the theme of "Mother and Child". One of the more commonly known sculptures of the Mother and Child series would be the one outside Far East Shopping Centre, along Orchard Rd.

Doreen said...

Yes I have! Thanks to ECL! She brought it all the way to Changi!

oceanskies79 said...

Doreen: So nice of her. :)
I suppose she wishes to give you something memorable to remember? :)