Monday, June 30, 2008

Celebrating bloggers

According to the write-up at, "Studies have shown that seven out of 10 Internet users in Singapore writes a blog." Alright, I am one of those who writes a blog.

I am relieved to know that my blog isn't one of the nominees. Admittedly, I prefer to shy away from glamour and attention. On the other hand, I do appreciate readers telling me that they enjoy reading my writing especially those about my walks about various places.

On the side, to find out who are the nominees, I checked out every nominees on the list. Here's listing down the blogs on the nomination list that I personally read almost everyday, if not, at least from time to time:

Lion City. Jaymes 007
Good Morning Yesterday

Congratulations to the above-mentioned blogs for being nominated. Considering that there are so many bloggers in Singapore (according to the studies), it is in itself a privilege to be nominated the top 10 blogs of any category.

For anyone who is keen to blog for any of the nominated blogs, simply click the following button to be directed to the voting site:

Voting is opened from 30 Jun 2008 to 31 Jul 2008. I read that "Everyone is entitled to cast ONE vote in EACH category EVERYDAY!"

Let's see who are the bloggers who clinch the awards in the end.


Veron said...

Thanks for the mention and your support all this while. Voters get to win travel packages to Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, etc. Not too shabby!

tigerfish said...

Look like something exciting is going on.

eastcoastlife said...

Thank you PY for the mention for Jaymes and myself! I appreciate it very much and I know you are always very supportive of me.

Once again.. THANKS.


ps - don't forget the medical check up. :)

Doreen said...

Congrats to all the nominees. It takes a great courage to be one of them. While it is good to have readers frequent my blog, I would be relunctant to gain too much exposure. I'm just like you, shy. (^_^)

ieat said...

Thanks for mentioning ieatishootipost and for reading the blog!

oceanskies79 said...

veron: The travel package and the prizes didn't interest me since none of the prizes is a double bass. Anyway, good blogs deserve the votes. Cheering for you. May the judge give you good scores.

tigerfish: Yes. Indeed.

eastcoastlife: My pleasure. Hope you earn the scores from the judges. 70% will be done just like that.

About the check-up..please be kind to me. I dislike having people breathing down my neck.

Doreen: Thanks for joining in. High five to shy bloggers like us. *winks*

ieat: I didn't expect you to come by my blog. Thank you for your insightful posts about hawker fare in Singapore.

oceanskies79 said...

eastcoastlife: I appreciate your concern nevertheless.