Monday, June 09, 2008

Decisions and decisions to make

Deciding which music examinations to take, and which level to take can take quite a considerable amount of effort.

I had initially planned to sit for ALCM (Associate of the London College of Music) since I would have already practised at least three of the pieces. Then I realised that I have misread one of the works in the syllabus. It should be Marcello's Sonata in G minor and not Marcello's Sonata in G major. Either ways, I have played both sonatas, it is just that the latter would be a work that I have been practising more recently. The only thing is that the syllabus only requires the first movement to be played.

Interestingly, the syllabus for ALCM offers various options for the candidate. My preferred option would be to choose ALCM in Performance (Recital). This option would require me to present a 40 - 45 munutes programme. It is a must for me to perform a work by a living composer that is of ALCM's standard. There is an uncertainty if I would be able to keep up to the required performance standards at ALCM level. Is it an issue of a lack of confidence, or a practical decision to consider a diploma of a lower level?

The next option would be to consider taking the DipLCM in Performance. The requirements are to perform a 15 - 20 minutes programme, be assessed for Viva Voce and sight-reading skills. In terms of the syllabus, with my recent practices of the second movement of Dittersdorf's Concero No. 2 in D, I would at least have two pieces from the DipLCM syllabus that I have worked on. However, these two works (the other being Faure's Sicilienne that I have already studied do not make quite a contrasting programme if put together.

I realised I preferred to play it safer this time round. Another round of not passing the diploma exams would not do good to my confidence. If I wish to sit for the diploma exams offered by Thames Valley University London College of Music this year, I would have to register by this August.

I wish for better health, and better clarity of the mind.


mistipurple said...

wish you clarity, steadiness and good health. :)

Doreen said...

What a decision to make. Hope you get out of your dilemma soon and do tell of your final decision.

dawn said...

That's quite a decision to make. I wish you all the best in your decision making. Good luck and take care!