Friday, October 03, 2008

15 Sep 2008: Solo walk along George St

During the meaningful meet-up with my friend on 14 Sep 2008, I've learnt from my friend a bit about how happiness can be achieved by living each day as if it was one's last. It is about learning to live each day fully, with no regret. A simple yet profound insight.

Reflecting, I'm glad that I've set aside time to travel to Sydney to visit my friend. Meeting XS is one of the things that I wish to do, for at least an hour or two, so as to live life fully, without regret.

Somehow, my mood for the morning of 15 Sep 2008 was as sunny as the sunshine that shone through the glass ceilings of the hotel's lobby. The air-well looked so lovely against the sunny skies. With a light-hearted mood, I began my day with a solo walk along George Street.

Many of the shops were not even opened for the day when I began my walk along George Street, to head towards the Sydney Opera House. The city of Sydney is beautiful in its own way. One way to enjoy the sights of the city is to travel about the city by foot. I was glad that instead of using the railway, I walked from one end of George Street to the other. The walk probably took me close to half-an-hour at a leisure pace.

The Central Baptist Church.

A relatively quiet city in the morning.

I learnt from RL that 'Hungry Jack' is an international variation of what we commonly know as 'Burger King' in Singapore'.

Near Town Hall station.

I like how the branches of this tree hid the building in the background.

15 Sep 2008 was a special day. I learnt, when I was nearby Town Hall railway station, that at 12 noon that day, there would be a parade for the athletes who had taken part in the Beijing Olympics 2008. These athletes would parade along George St. A long stretch of George St was to be closed to the traffic so as to make way for the parade. I did not go for the parade because I was not interested in it. Nevertheless, I managed to catch glimpses of the preparations for the parade.

Preparations for the parade. The roads of George St were sealed segment by segment.

No more car, because of the parade of the Olympics athletes.

The parade for the Olympics athletes probably started nearby here.

It was a pretty interesting walk along George Street I must say.

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