Tuesday, October 07, 2008

15 Sep 2008: Travelling to St Leonards

It was early afternoon by the time that I finished my lunch and was done with the entertainment provided by an amusing seagull. I was ready to travel to St Leonards by CityRail. I wanted to visit a shop, Zephyr Music, which is located at 51 Hume St. It sells sheet music and more. Although I knew that the most convenient way to travel to Hume St would be by CityRail, I did not have any idea which railway lines I have to take in order to get to St Leonards.

Thank goodness, I was used to travelling solo, and I had a network map of CityRail with me. After taking some time to figure out the network of CityRail, I realised that I have to travel from Circular Quay station to Wynyard Station, and then transfer from the South line to the North Shore line.

Alright, after figuring out which railway line I should travel by, the next step was to purchase a ticket for myself. There are quite a number of choices for passengers travelling by CityRail. I could choose between Single Trip ticket, Return ticket, Day-Tripper ticket and more. Once I have purchased the ticket, I was ready to set off for St Leonards.

The ride to St Leonards from Circular Quay actually brought me to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge via the railway tracks. It was quite an experience simply because it was new to me! Soon, I reached St Leonards.

When I arrived at St Leonards station, I looked at the local maps that were found there to find my bearings, and to figure out how to get to Hume St. It took me a while to figure it out for I felt a little giddy. I should be grateful that I did not faint from the period pain that hit me that afternoon. Realising that I needed pain relief, I got myself a bottle of drinking water and Panadol from a pharmacy near the station. The Panadol has an interesting package. There were a lot of kind of pain-killers to choose from. The staff at the pharmacy was pretty helpful to point me to the Panadol Rapid Handipak that contains 10 caplets. That was what I would need, something with not too many Panadol tablets, since I figured I won't need more than two tablets.

The pain-relieving properties of the painkiller took some time to take effect. Anyway, I mustered strength to find my way to the music shop. The shop would close by 5 p.m. so I wanted to get there early enough. Looking back, I'm proud that I was able to manage the pain and function adequately.


mistipurple said...

glad the pain was manageable with panadol. eh, maybe you could have packed some next time you're on a trip?

oceanskies79 said...

Mistipurple: With the strict customs guidelines on bringing food and many other products into Australia, I would rather just buy off the shelves if I should need Panadol. Otherwise, I may not be able to bring it in without the doctor's prescription.

mistipurple said...

wow, okay. even with panadol they're strict. can understand.
was just worried if you couldn't get to a drug store in a foreign land. ;)