Thursday, October 30, 2008

How could I connect?

The sharing of the photo above is probably long overdued. One of my good friends, Mystic, and I had an impromptu dinner at Simply Peranakan Cuisine on 3 Oct 2008. We have had a good time catching up that day.

It was quite a busy day for the staff of the restaurant that evening. That meant there was good business. Despite it being a busy evening for them, one of the staff was very thoughtful to allow us to change the soup of the dinner set to our preferred choice. She went the extra mile to even allow us to change the dessert to Ubikaya. The Ubikaya that we had that day could not be comparable to the lovely Ubikaya that I had a year ago at the same restaurant. Nevertheless, the thoughtful service of a few of the staff and the great company in Mystic compensated for everything that was less than perfect.

Over the phone tonight with Mystic, she gave me feedback about the recent posts on my blog. She said she felt she was reading a travel guide, and could not feel connected with me through my posts. I gather she must have been missing the posts that I have written to provide update of my every-day life?

Whatever it is, my decision is to post at least one post per day of my recent Sydney and Melbourne trip. I have written enough posts to last till 8 Nov 2008. Thanks to the scheduled publishing feature of Blogger, this could be done automatically without me being present at the computer.

While this series of Sydney and Melbourne posts may seem different from the posts that I had written previously, I hope that there's some ways that readers could connect with me, at a different level. Discover me better if you care to read deeper. The contents are not so important as the meanings behind them. In essence, it has been a very meaningful and pleasant overseas trip for me, and in my sheer delight, I have written one post after another. I hope that readers can experience my delight simply from looking at the related photos and reading the posts. Enjoy!

How could I connect better?

The way I choose to do so is to practise living life positively, and to be a sincere friend.

Would that be essentially sufficient?

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