Friday, October 31, 2008

Sydney/ Melbourne Time

A church in Manly.

I realised that travelling to other parts of the world have a positive effect on heightening my awareness of the things that I used not to take notice of. After my recent trip to Sydney and Melbourne, I realised that I have became more acutely aware of the time differences between Singapore and Sydney/ Melbourne. The same thing had happened to me when I travelled to United Kingdoms about three years ago.

Currently, Sydney and Melbourne have been adopting the Daylight Saving Time. This current period of Daylight Saving Time will last from 5 October 2008 to 5 April 2009. During this period, the Australian Eastern Standard Time becomes Australian Eastern Daylight Time and clocks are advanced to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) +11.

In learning more about the Daylight Saving Time, I've found out that there are three time zones in Australia: Australian Eastern Standard Time, Australian Central Standard Time, Australian Western Standard Time. The entire concept of Daylight Saving Time is rather interesting to me because there is no such thing as Daylight Saving Time in Singapore. I wonder if Daylight Saving Time can be rather confusing for the people living in the countries that adopt it? Imagine waking up one day to realise that one is actually one hour late because clocks are advanced an hour ahead because of Daylight Saving Time!

Meantime, Singapore is in the standard time zone of UTC/GMT +8 hours. So if you have, like yours truly, developed a heightened awareness of the time difference between Singapore and Sydney, you would have easily figured the current time in Sydney. Check this link to see if you have got the right answer: Current local time in Sydney (Source:

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