Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Make your influence positive

A colleague of mine shared with me a YouTube video titled Children See, Children Do. It's a rather poignant video for me. My heart ached a bit to see how easily children could be influenced by the significant people in their lives.

Whether you watch the video or not, I suppose the message is that the children are learning from us adults, every minute. They see, and they do. If we hope to pave the way for the future generations to be positive, we have to start by making our influence positive.

That's quite a challenge. Are we game enough to do our part to make our influence in this world positive for the children?


EastCoastLife said...

It is true. I have been taking care of so many children all these years, and I do see clearly that many children imitate their parents. Parents who disciplined their kids and teach them the right values will have good kids who would respect them and take care of them when they grow old. Parents who abuse, neglect, or show their kids bad examples through their actions will get what they deserve.

Life is fair afterall.

oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife: I wonder what would make those parents who need a wake-up call wake up? I wonder if such a video would help?

Anyway, I suppose we each have to practise making our influence positive.

*sg* said...

Thank you for the video.. I felt so moved that I sent it to my entire family... including my brothers to remind them to be good role models when they start their family.

oceanskies79 said...

*sg*: Thank you for coming by. I am glad that the video has left an impact on you, and you are helping to spread the "make your influence positive" message.

pinkie said...

Makes me wonder if my ex is somewhat abusive cos his own father was abusive? Wouldn't the child who has been abused learn that that is not the right way to teach? I'll be worried about my kids becoming abusive parents.

oceanskies79 said...

Pinkie: I don't know. I suppose you can do your part to be a positive influence to your children.

Anyway, studies have showed that not all children who are abused become abusive. It's just that their risks to become abusive is higher than those who grow up in non-abusive families.