Sunday, July 05, 2009

The A&W at Crown Centre?

On 4 Jul 2009, I was taking a leisure walk from the Singapore Botanic Gardens to my maternal grandmother's place to spend an evening with her. On my way there, I passed by Crown Centre. I remember that there used to be an Angie the Choice cake-shop there about a decade ago.

I vaguely remember having lunch once in a blue moon at one of the food establishments that used to be located in Crown Centre when I was a Secondary School student studying in one of the secondary schools that was located nearby the area. Yet, I can't exactly remember what food establishment it was.

A couple of months ago, I walked past Crown Centre with one of my good friends and she commented that there used to be an A&W fast-food restaurant that used to be located in Crown Centre, during the times when I was a Secondary School student. That was more than a decade ago. Alas! When she mentioned that to me, my mind somehow could not recall the A&W fast-food restaurant that used to be there! My memory bank had almost no memory of the A&W restaurant that used to sit in Crown Centre.

Speaking of A&W fast-food restaurant, I have enjoyed its curly fries and waffle. The Root Beer Float was also an occasional treat for yours truly when I was a young child.

When I passed by Crown Centre recently, I decided I need to do something to recollect a bit of my memories of the A&W restaurant. If you happen to know anything about the A&W fast-food restaurant at Crown Centre, its exact location, its decor and whatever about it, I would greatly appreciate it if you could please drop your comment here to jolt my memory back. Better still, if you happen to visit this very A&W restaurant with me, remind me what we did there, if you could remember.

I look forward to hear from you in the hope to recall the memories that I seem to have temporarily lost.

In the meantime, I shall point readers to a few online posts related to the A&W restaurant that used to be located in that part of Singapore:
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At the time of writing this post, I was informed by dear RL that the A&W restaurant was located where the Irish Pub now stands.


Lam Chun See said...

Although I pass by the place very often, I don't recall seeing an A&W outlet. But I think there was a Pizza Hut; maybe not at Crowne Centre but the King's Arcade next to it. I too would be most happy if somebody could help me to recall any memories of the A&W restaurant here.

Anonymous said...

Just for ur info, I used to work in Crown Centre in 1988 or 1989. during that time, it was Texas Fried Chicken.It occupies two storeys by the right corner of the building.At the ground floor, there was this american treats shoppe which I worked too, called, TCBY.The Country Best Yogurt!
I had fond memories of that place, and I missed the next building which was a wet market by day, and at the little corner, which sells delicious chicken rice and char siew rice.But they are gone now, I missed that place... people are so friendly at that time..but not now...

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Anonymous, thank you for leaving a comment. I appreciate your sharing.

When I was a student, I recall a chicken rice and char siew rice stall at a building next to Crown Centre. That was around 1992 to 1994. I heard that the stall had moved to Coronation Road thereafter... But I don't not know if the chicken rice stall along Coronation Road is managed by the same people who sold the delicious chicken rice and char siew rice you have mentioned.