Friday, July 24, 2009

The Telok Blangah Hill adventure

Terrace Garden.

On 19 Jun 2009 (Fri), I went for a walk to be close to Nature. My starting point was Mount Faber Park. After walking across Henderson Waves from Mount Faber, I reached the Telok Blangah Hill. I explored the Telok Blangah Hill by walking along the direction-markers that would lead me to the Forest Walk. Forest Walk is "a steps-free elevated walkway with earth trails that meanders through some 50 metres through the secondary forest of Telok Blangah Hill and connects to Alexandra Arch."

There is a beautifully landscaped garden on Telok Blangah Hill. It's called the Terrace Garden. Terrace Garden offers a beautiful view of neighbouring housing estates as well as of the island of Sentosa. On a good day, one can be treated with light and cool breezes. It was a fairly good day when I was there.

After enjoying moments of good view and cool breezes at the Terrace Garden, I headed for the Forest Walk. Along the way, I could get close to the plants of the secondary forest of Telok Blangah Hill. Occasionally, I get to hear birds singing away. It was quite a pleasant and relaxing experience. Perhaps I had slowly accustomised myself to walking on structures that are built above the ground after crossing Henderson Waves, I did not have as much fears walking along the elevated walkway of the Forest Walk. Furthermore, I learnt that Forest Walk is a a "disabled-friendly" structure.

I could not help but felt more refreshed and energised just simply by walking alongside Nature. I took my time enjoying the moments close to Nature. It was a pleasant walk on my own. The Forest Walk came to a close when I reached Alexandra Arch that spans across Alexandra Road.


Doreen said...

I like to be close to nature too. How long was your walk?

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Doreen, the walk was about three hours that day.

EastCoastLife said...

That would be a really long walk! I can't do it these days. :(

oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife: The walk from Mount Faber to Reflections at Bt Chandu takes about three hours.

However, the Forest Walk takes just about a half-an-hour leisure stroll.