Sunday, July 19, 2009

Breakfast with Mystic

Starbucks Breakfast Platter.

Friends can inspire!

This morning, one of my good friends, Mystic and I met for a breakfast to chill out. I suggested to have breakfast at Starbucks Coffee since I have never tried having breakfast there. Mystic so kindly obliged.

Mystic, I can say has a passion for food. She has her way to describe the taste of food. One thing I keep learning from her is her good eye for taking photographs of food. Obviously, the photos in this post were taken by yours truly. Mystic did play a part to suggest that I remove the cutlery but otherwise, if the photos turned out uninteresting, it is because I have yet to master the art of taking photographs of food from my dear friend, Mystic.

Breakfast with Mystic was spent catching up, and learning to enjoy the moments. During our breakfast meeting, yours truly was inspired by Mystic's passion for food to write a post specially dedicated to her. After discussing with Mystic my ideas, we decided to call this post "Breakfast with Mystic". Here, I proudly announce the publication of the blog-post titled "Breakfast with Mystic". Mystic shall be my secret advisor for this post. However, if you do not like what was written, please come after the writer, i.e. yours truly. Whatever it is, lighten up when you read this post. Afterall, breakfast is intended to be a time to refresh and rejuvenate for the day!

For this post, I shall write about the new breakfast items at Starbucks Coffee. While we were queueing for the food, the Strawberry Yogurt Parfait from the Breakfast menu caught Mystic's eyes. Out of curiosity, I went online to search for the definition of "parfait". I found this:

1. a dessert made of rich cream, eggs, syrup, etc. frozen together and served in a tall, slender, short-stemmed glass
2. a dessert of layers of ice cream, crushed fruit, etc. in such a glass

Spinach-Egg Frittata, Turkey Bacon and Cheese.

Other than having learnt a new word today, I managed to have a good time reviewing our breakfast with Mystic. Please remember that this review is written by yours truly who decided that I would spend breakfast with Mystic in a light-hearted mood.

Mystic ordered the Spinach-Egg Frittata, Turkey Bacon and Cheese. This costs $5.90 with a cup of tea of one's choice. Mystic said that the price of the breakfast from Starbucks is comparable to Mac Donalds, and the Frittata is better than the breakfast item from MacDonalds. She enjoyed the fact that the egg contained spinach and that there was tomato in the Frittata. She ordered a cup of wild sweet orange tea to go with the Frittata and she said it is a good complement with the Frittata.

Mystic's suggestion for anyone who orders the Frittata is to request to have it cut into half. Firstly, that would allow sharing if one finds the portion to much for one person. Secondly, it will allow the Frittata to be more manageable to be consumed.

As for myself, I ordered the Starbucks Breakfast Platter. For $5.90 as well, it came with a cup of tea of my choice. I chose the Berryblossom white tea. It has a tinge of berry flavour and is a refreshing change from my usual choice of chamomile tea.

The platter consists of grapes, banana, a hard-boiled egg, multi-grain bun, and a slice of walnut-raisin bread. Since we were reviewing the breakfast together, Mystic definitely was asked to try some of my order.

Mystic thinks that the walnut-raisin bread is a unique choice of bread for a breakfast menu. I like the walnut-raisin bread for I have a liking for walnut!

The multi-grain bun is good on its own. Mystic can testify to it. I like its rustic texture and taste.

On the other hand, I don't like the fact that the hard-boiled egg was cold. This is possibly a personal preference. Mystic felt that the items on Starbucks' breakfast menu do not quite fall under what she would consider "hot breakfast item". It seemed like she considers parfait, boiled eggs, breads, buns, waffles and cereals as "non-hot items".

Mystic's suggestion for Starbucks is to consider serving the egg and the fruits on separate plates from the bread and bun. I suppose cold food items (grapes) and warm food items (toasted bread) should not mix. Furthermore, non-cooked (banana) and cooked item (egg) should be separated too.

Last but not the least, if you have found this post interesting enough to read, please keep your fingers crossed that Mystic and I would meet again for breakfast, and be game enough to review our breakfast together yet again. Until then, please find delight in having breakfast with your friends and family.


pinto said...

Hi PY, perhaps this workshop at the National Museum might help with the photography aspect of food blogging.

pinkie said...

Hmm... cold hard boiled egg... u are used to take it hot/warm? I'm ok with cold ones as long as there's black sauce :)

Doreen said...

The Starbucks breakfast platter looks rather healthy. I have never had breakfast at Starbucks before, only afternoon coffee break. :)

EastCoastLife said...

I have eaten breakfast at Starbucks and Coffee Bean but my favourite breakfast is still teh si, half boiled eggs and kaya toast. :D

oceanskies79 said...

Pinto, Kenneth: Thank you for this. I appreciate you pointing this out to me. Then again, I have a few more important priorities to see to during that period that I may miss the food blogging photography workshop.

pinkie: Err....there's no black sauce at Starbucks...

Doreen: I don't know if the breakfast platter would be available in NZ.

Eastcoastlife: Ah, that is nice too. Whatever it, I think as long as the breakfast refreshes the mind, it is good breakfast.

kyh said...

never had breakfast there before. in fact, i havent really tried starbucks for once! :X