Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Read: Passion for Life

I was at the library on 20 Jun 2009 with a good friend of mine. The weeks before that visit to the library, I was experiencing inner turmoils feeling rather uncertain and clueless about how to make sense of life that may come. The feelings were what I would call growing-up pains.

On one hand, I am thankful that there are possibly unlimited choices about how my life could turn out to be. Yet, the unlimited possibilities have often left me clueless and stuck. There is an inner yearning to understand myself better, to understand my needs and aspirations that are deep down in me, so that I have an inner compass to guide me to make wiser and more effective choices that would allow me to follow my heart.

I suppose when one yearns hard for an answer, one's mind would direct one to choose books that could help get one closer to the answers? So I wasn't surprised that my hands somehow picked up the book Passion for Life: Lifelong Psychological and Spiritual Growth by Anne Brennan and Janice Brewi.

I still don't know all the answers that I seek to find. Nevertheless, it was somehow a comforting read for yours truly who is searching for some mid-life directions.

The book mentioned a quote by Carl Jung several times:

"I have treated many old people and when the unconscious is apparently threatened with the complete end, it ignores it. Life behaves as if it were going on. So I tell old people to live on as though they had centuries and then they will live properly."

I wonder whether it is because when one live as if one is here for eternity, one may live with greater grace?

Another insightful statement in this book that in some ways suggest that challenges and difficult times can be moments that signal areas for growth:

"At times of major transitions, like the movement from youth to midlife, often experiences a disharmony and a dismemberment that is a call for growth in consciousness and a change in life. The felt psychic disturbance is nature's way of calling a person to stop, pay attention, discover what is amiss and make the called-for changes."

If you are like myself searching for directions for the next phase of your life, this book can be an interesting read. I hope that I can find the wisdom and strength to live each day of my life to come with grace. May you too.


EastCoastLife said...

Life is so short. It is important for one to live a meaningful life where you have no regrets on what you did.

Although there are many considerations to make, it is ultimately your life. Don't live it for others. You must know what you want.

pinkie said...

I guess I'm past the stage of searching directions, time flies so fast that I think I should try to slow down and smell the flowers. It must be a good book to read, I'll keep it in mind and introduce friends I know of who are in search of directions. Thanks for sharing.

oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife: Thanks for your sharing. I wish I could better learn to listen to what I want deep down.

Pinkie: It is an interesting read for people who wants to live life with passion after they have past mid-life too. I like it because it is philosophical in its style of writing.