Wednesday, October 31, 2012

8 Oct 2012: After dinner adventure

8 Oct 2012 (Mon):

After the dinner, our driver and tour-guide led me and my friend back to our hotel in Kuta, Bali. My friend and I decided that the night was still young. As such, we went to explore the streets nearby our hotel.

During our stroll, we came across people gathering at a communal space which I suppose was called Banjar Anyar Kuta. We spoke to one of the locals who could speak English. She told us that the people were gathering at the place to watch a dance performance, and thereafter, they would attend a prayer. My friend and I watched part of what was taking place from the main entrance of the place.

While we were exploring the streets, we noticed a few street hawkers. However, there were fewer street hawkers by the time we were out exploring the streets than when we were passing by the same streets earlier that evening on our tour bus.

The street hawkers are rather uncommon sightings in Singapore, so I took the opportunity to enjoy the smell of food from these stalls.

When we were back in our hotel room that night, it took a while before we stopped hearing the distant sounds of prayers from the neighbouring vicinity. Somehow, it seemed like a laid-back and simple way to end the night.

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