Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Rocks, it rocks

The Rocks in Sydney is the historic area of Sydney's city centre. The original buildings were made mostly of local sandstone, from which The Rocks derives its name. Whenever I visit Sydney, I would feel a sense of gratitude to the many visionary heroes, many of whom were unsung ones, who had lobbied against the plans to demolish all the original buildings at the Rocks to redevelop them as high-density residential dwellings. The Rocks' continued existence is a testament to the wonderful work of these visionaries, in my humble opinion.

Visiting The Rocks also reminded me of a time back in the year 2008 when one of my friends and I were doing our best to find our way to the Sydney's Observatory. We were lost, and then with some help, we found our way!

In the meantime, please join me to enjoy some of the photographs that I had taken at some parts of The Rocks during my visit to Sydney in May 2012.

Cadman Cottage. This is the oldest surviving residential building in Sydney.

The statue of William Bligh on the left. It is next to Cadman Cottage.
On the right is an art installation, I figured.

The area known as The Rocks.

The Rocks.

There was something unique about the Rocks. I have a feeling that it was this treasured sense of heritage, pride and dignity. This is one place that is worth a visit if you are in Sydney. If time permits, you could consider attending one of The Rocks Walking Tours. I attended one of such tours in the year 2010, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Rocks
Nearest train station: Circular Quay.

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