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8 Oct 2012: Handicrafts, Silver crafts, a Hindu temple and more!

8 Oct 2012:

After a treat to Barong and Keris dances, the next half of the morning was spent exposing ourselves to Balinese handicrafts and silver crafts. It left on me an impression that there are many talented craftsmen in Bali.

Indonesian Handicraft Centre
One of our stops was at a handicraft centre where one can find various kinds of Indonesian handicrafts. Perhaps it was because my friend and I had seen similar handicrafts when we were at the Discovery Shopping Mall the day before, the handicrafts did not feel novel to me.

I was however attracted to the fact that the handicraft centre was marketing Luwak coffee as the souvenir to bring home. I was treated to a sample of a few sips of Luwak coffee. It has a finer taste compared to the Bali coffee that I had sampled that very day.

What was more memorable at the Indonesian Handicraft was neither the handicrafts nor the Luwak coffee, it was the chance to play on one of the traditional instruments that was placed on display at the carpark area.

Traditional Bali instrument.

Silver Crafts
If gold and silver crafting interests you, Celuk Village will be your favourite destinations. This is where one can find several workshops that specialises in gold and silver crafting.

During our trip, our guide brought us to this workshop by the name of Fa.SUARDANA. However, I cannot quite determine if the workshop was located in Celuk Village.

Anyway, at Fa. SUARDANA, my friend and I were given an introduction to basic silver crafts. I learnt how much effort and skill would be needed to make one tiny silver beads. While I was at the workshop, I was reminded of an exhibition on Ukraine gold and the art of gold-crafting that I had visited in Singapore. The designs of Balinese gold and silver crafts are very different from those by craftsmen from other parts of the world. I learnt that it takes a good pair of eyes, good skills and patience to make the silver crafts.

Silver crafts.

One of the products of the silver craft workshop.

Phone: 62 361 298241

Pura Desa and Puseh (Temple)
This is an elaborate Hindu temple in the village of Ubud. Its history dates back to the 10th century when it was built by the king of Marakata, in the Caka Year of 944 C.E. On the back of the temple are remains of stone artefacts from the prehistoric time. These are kept in an open pavilion. I learnt that the stone structures are largely made of sandstone.

What was peculiarly interesting to me was how one can find remarkable structures in Bali that demonstrate influences from Hinduism. I realised then that an appreciation of Bali could only be completed after gaining an understanding of its history.

At the temple, we saw a lady praying. I learnt that the Hindu devotees in Bali pray three times a day: once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening.

Praying, the Balinese Hindu way.

Kintamani mountain resort and lunch at Gong Dewata Restaurant
Time seemed to pass very fast even though I would like it to be slower. Before we knew it, we were at Kintamani mountain resort served with buffet lunch at the Gong Dewata Restaurant. The food was satisfactory. Service was hospitable. I particularly like the tastes of the languan satay and the gado-gado. The former has a lingering lemon grass flavour and a nice coconut taste in the meal. The satay sauce for the gado-gado was very nice.

From the mountain resort, we were offered a spectacular view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur. I felt humbled by the magnificence of Nature. While enjoying our lunch, we were treated to cool breeze at the high attitude. I was so inspired by the view and experience that I did a sketch after lunch.  It was a very enjoyable lunch. In fact, it was memorable!

Kintamani mountain resort, Bali.

Sketch of Mount Batur.

Admittedly, the toilet facilities may need some improvement. That aside, generally, the experience at the restaurant was positive.

Gong Dewata Restaurant
Jalan Raya Kintamani, Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia
Tel: 62 857 2257 2617



kyh said...

Heard Ubud is the most inspiring and beautiful spot in Bali. Their temples are really one of the kind, isnt it? :)

oceanskies79 said...

Kyh: I was inspired by the beauty of Bali and the craftsmanship of the art.

As for the temples, while I find them beautiful, I do appreciate a better English-speaking and more well-read guide to give me a better glimpse of the temples in Bali, including Ubud.

Ki Haur Beuti said...

Very interesting, inspiring, and motivating. Greetings.

oceanskies79 said...

Thanks Ki Haur Beuti.