Friday, October 05, 2012

Sydney, May 2012

My visit to Sydney from 20 - 26 May 2012 gave me the needed moments to heal, rest and to be inspired. The visit also allowed me to have some time to reconnect with friends.

In addition, I had the pleasure to meet one of my favourite authors, Stephanie Dowrick, in person. It was a calming and inspiring experience to attend one of the interfaith services led by her.

Below is a list of the various posts that I have written on my visit to Sydney in May 2012. May you share the healing moments and joy that this visit have had given me.

Sydney, May 2012: A time to heal and to be inspired
25 May 2012: The first Vivid Live Stage Door Tour
25 May 2012: My first experience of Vivid Sydney
25 May 2012: Susannah Place Museum
Tea break at Strand Arcade
25 May 2012: Picnic at the Royal Botanic Gardens
25 May 2012: Gothic Revival time at Government House
25 May 2012: Sydney Opera House
25 May 2012: A morning at Milsons Point
Breakfast at Pancakes at the Rocks
Joe Black at 27 Commonwealth Street
24 May 2012: The night at the Sydney Observatory
24 May 2012: Dinner at Reuben and Moore
24 May 2012: The Boutique Mountain Tours
23 May 2012: Nourishing dinner at Dae Jang Kum
23 May 2012: Refreshing moments at North Head and other parts of Manly
23 May 2012: Headed to Chatswood and was acquainted with Mr Vitamins
22 May 2012: The search to find Revolver at 291 Annandale Street
22 May 2012: An afternoon at the Observatory Hill
22 May 2012: Beautiful Watsons Bay
22 May 2012: Circular Quay, Parramatta River and a night in Sydney
21 May 2012: A treat to Flour and Stone
21 May 2012: A stop-over at Pymble
21 May 2012: The scenic Berowra Waters
21 May 2012: A beautiful evening
21 May 2012: Dinner together
The hotel that I stayed in: Travelodge Sydney
20 May 2012: Breakfast at Reuben Hills
20 May 2012: The chimes from St Mary's Cathedral
20 May 2012: Attended an Interfaith service at Uniting Church
20 May 2012: Taste of Shanghai, Sydney
20 May 2012: A quiet night at Milsons Point
Hyde Park Sydney
26 May 2012: Ferry rides and a visit to Milsons Point yet again
26 May 2012: The Anzac Memorial
The Rocks, it rocks
26 May 2012: Bye Sydney

In the meantime, I look forward to more time in Sydney, to sketch, to be inspired and simply to experience its beauty.

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