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22 June 2015: The Daily Catch

The Daily Catch.

After a visit to Christ Church in the city of Boston, also known as the Old North Church, my friend and I were deciding on our plans for lunch.

Initially the plan was to walk our way back to Boston's Downtown. In general, many of the good eating places in the North End opens for businesses in the evenings. Then again, since we were in the North End, we looked about for a suitable venue for lunch and were quite prepared that if we did not succeed, the backup plan would be to walk to Boston's Downtown.

Fried Calamari. One of the best fried calamari I have yet.

Thanks to my friend, Emz, who was attentive to food reviews in Boston, we decided it would be a great idea to have our lunch at The Daily Catch.  Along the Hanover Street, there are a lot of well-established restaurants and cafes that serve delicious food. The Daily Catch was one of the restaurants in the North End of Boston that was on the recommended list of restaurants on Insight Guides, Step by Step: Boston, by Simon Richmond.

The Daily Catch is an eating place that specializes in Sicilian seafood and pasta. The seafood here are fresh and tasty. This place serves tasty calamari of a texture that seems just right - not too tough and not too soft. In a way, fried calamari seemed to be a niche that The Daily Catch has so nicely filled. It was no wonder that I had initially mistaken the name of this lovely eating place to be Calamari Cafe. I would say that the calamari dishes from The Daily Catch are delicious. One of our orders was the fried calamari. The squid was freshly prepared and when I chewed on the fried calamari, the taste of the seawater seemed to linger in my palate. 

Monkfish Marsalla.

We also ordered a Monkfish Marsalla. The sweetness in flavour of the Marsalla wine went very well with the pasta, mushroom and the monkfish. Lunch was memorable with the company of a good friend and delicious food. Many thanks to my friend for her recommendations. I could have missed The Daily Catch if not for her suggestions.

This is an eating place that I will recommend my friends who visit Boston. Please expect a queue as The Daily Catch is pretty popular with the locals as well as the tourists. I suppose happy people at The Daily Catch serves tasty food?

The Daily Catch.
A cosy and humble place that serves delicious food.

Please take note that only cash is accepted at The Daily Catch.

The Daily Catch
323 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113
Tel: +1 617 523 8567

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