Thursday, March 27, 2008

A possible choice

Having missed this year's dateline for registration of the ABRSM exams, I have been considering whether to register instead for the London College of Music Examinations (LCM).

A recognised international examinations board, London College of Music has for the past weeks struck me as an examinations board that provides more flexibility to the student. First and foremost, unlike the ABRSM exams board I don't have to register for the LCM exams at least five months before the exams date. I understand that I only need to register for the LCM exams about three months before the exams date, and I understand that LCM diploma exams are held about thrice a year. This would help me better gauge if I would be ready for the exams. In addition, if I were to wish to only register for the exams when I feel ready, I need not have to wait for too long to sit for the exams.

In addition, just about more than a weeks ago, I was making an online enquiry about the syllabus for LCM's diploma examinations. Last Friday, someone from the Kuala Lumpur's Thames Valley University's Asia Pacific Regional Office emailed me, and soon by Tuesday, I had received a complete copy of the diploma syllabus sent to me by courier. I would have received it by Monday if not for the fact that no one was at home to receive the delivered item. It made me felt that they go an extra mile for anyone who is keen to consider taking the LCM examinations.

It looks to me that LCM is quite a feasible choice.


mistipurple said...

i think LCM is easier to pass. not that i am indicating that the standard is lower. i sent a couple of my friends to do the exam in my time, as i knew the professor/dr in charge personally.

dawn said...

PY, what about the one from Trinity college? I think that's the name of the other music diploma you can choose. I remember my friend, Rachel took her piano diploma from Trinity.

mistipurple said...

dawn just reminded me of trinity.
trinity, i have sent some students. good passing grades too. not sure about the diploma and higher papers, but i have many friends who managed to pass the ATCL and LTCL. they are the ones also who did not want to do the ABRSM's for some reason or other. and i am quite sure they will not make the grade for LRSM. (ABRSM's)

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Misti and Dawn: I have considered Trinity's diploma. The only thing is that when I looked at the syllabus, I would prefer to attempt LCM's syllabus.

oceanskies79 said...

More so for the list of repertoires for the LCM's diploma syallabus.