Saturday, March 15, 2008

Week 11 of year 2008 on the double bass

9 Mar 2008, Sun: In the evening, I practised two short studies on the double bass. I was actually sight-reading the studies. It was comparatively easier to sight-read studies that have quite straight-forward rhythms in simple duple time.

Thereafter, I practised the first and the fourth movements from Marcello's Sonata in g minor. My ability to use vibrato appeared to have improved compared to a few years ago, but the intonation still needs precision.

10 Mar 2008, Mon: I sight-read a short study on the double bass.

Thereafter, part of me just felt like screaming loud. Instead of doing so, I chose to play passages from the double bass parts from Brahms' Symphony No. 4. The playing of the forzando parts seems to bring upon sounds that gave space for the emotions to explode. I would have continued to play through the end of the night if not for the fact that it is getting dark. Putting on the practice-mute just was not for me for the day.

13 Mar 2008, Thu: During the double bass lesson, I continued to start with scales and sight-reading. I still need to work on feeling a good sense of pulse when I sight-read.

Afterwhich, I practised the allegro section of Berkeley's Introduction and Allegro. I worked on achieving the required articulation, making sure what need to be played legato would be played legato.

Somehow, after the double bass lesson, it struck upon me if I should have registered and sit for a diploma exams (music performance) within this year.

14 Mar 2008, Fri: I started with sight-reading a few short studies. It was actually easier to sight-read studies provided that the rhythms are straight-forward. Generally, I prefer playing melodies written in steps than those in leaps.

Afterwhich, I practised a selected section from Berkeley's Introduction and Allegro. I still to continue working on achieving an effective vibrato technique. Playing the double bass somehow brought me some moments of relief which I was thankful for.

I also tried playing the first, second and fourth movements of Marcello's Sonata in G major from memory. Though I could not remember some passages, the attempt was rather successful.

15 Mar 2008, Sat: I sight-read two studies from Bottesini's Method for Double Bass Part One. Afterwhich, I spent some time working on orchestra excerpts from Brahm's Fourth Symphony. I somehow wished that I was living alone by myself, and then I won't have to consider stopping the practice by 11 p.m. so as not to disturb the neighbours and my family.

There are times when I wonder if time is on my side?

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